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How We Made the Most of a Detoured Trip

In August, our trip to Florida took an unexpected turn when Hurricane Dorian threatened the state. The game we’d come all that way to see, Boise State vs. Florida State, was moved from Jacksonville to Tallahassee. With the kids in tow, we knew it would be too long of a haul to make it to Tallahassee, so we made the tough choice not to go to the game. It was disappointing not to see the game live, but instead of focusing on what we missed out on, we made the most of our trip. We took the kids to Disney World, and as you might remember from your own childhood experiences in the Magic Kingdom, they had a blast. Katie and I did too. We ended up watching the game on TV, and we cheered on BSU as they pulled ahead of the Seminoles to win the game. Our trip was a reminder that life doesn’t always go as planned. When Mother Nature, or anything beyond your control, takes over, you just go with the flow. It’s all you can do. While we were very relieved that Dorian missed Florida, that meant it did a lot of damage in the Bahamas. Our thoughts are with the people there as they work to recover and move on from this difficult time. Overall, we had a lot to be thankful for this summer. I’m grateful for everything we got to do with our kids and our extended family, from Florida to enjoying the Idaho outdoors on camping trips. Now, I’m excited for fall and all it entails: football, cooler weather, and spending more time with family. For our son Owen, fall is all about Halloween. I think it may be his favorite holiday. He’s already started planning our decorations, and he knows what he’s going to dress up as this year: the Grim Reaper. He’s 4, mind you. I think this kid gets what Halloween is about. At the office, I’m grateful that most of our renovations are done and that we get to enjoy all of the updates. We’ve had a lot of compliments and I have to agree with them — it looks great! The

office feels refreshed and new. If you haven’t been in yet, I’m excited for you to see it next time you’re here!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Zoo Boise this summer for our patient appreciation. That was a fun time, wasn’t it? It looked like everyone was having a blast with the giraffes and goats. We love these opportunities to connect with our patients outside of the office and meet your awesome families. I can’t wait to see what we put together next year! Coming up in November, we’re hosting our sixth annual Free Day of Dentistry with Dentistry From The Heart on Nov. 8. We’ll have volunteers and partner offices all coming together to provide free dental care to anyone who needs it. Those who attend will have the choice of a cleaning or extraction, and it is first-come, first-serve. Please help us spread the word and let people know about this event. It’s something we look forward to every year, as we cherish the opportunity to help our community.

Have a great fall, and until next time,

-Dr. Booth

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