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A Beach Proposal, Honeymoon in China, and a Whole Lot of Love February 2018

It’s February, and for you romantics out there, you’re looking forward to one thing: the Super Bowl.

kickball team. It was us and several of our friends, other lawyers, and we would go after class and play games against teams in our neighborhood. It was a fun way to stay active.

I’m only kidding! You are probably thinking of Valentine’s Day, right? A day that’s devoted to love.

For our honeymoon, Ashley and I went to China. It was very unique to anything either of us had ever experienced — spending two weeks in a place where no one spoke English. We could only talk to each other, and it felt like being in another world, one we had all to ourselves. The company was memorable and so was the food, with a lot of savory and sweet spices. The meats were

“Feb. 14 might be the most recognized day to celebrate love, but it’s important to show the people in your life that you love them every day.”

Ashley and I celebrated our fifth anniversary last year, and it takes me back to the day I asked her to marry me. Fresh out of law school, we spent our first couple years of dating going for walks in downtown West Palm Beach. Sushi was a big part of our early romance. We would go to the grocery store, get some sushi, and head down to the docks to talk while watching the sun set over the water.

seasoned with flavors I’d never tasted before, and we tried all kinds of very unique, spicy foods. I even tried fried scorpion on a stick, though Ashley wasn’t interested in it. In hindsight, I think she made the right choice. The meal we both enjoyed most, no contest, was at a hot pot restaurant in Chongqing. The area has been named “hot pot city” because there are so many restaurants there. They serve you a pot of delicious, spicy soup, and it’s an enjoyable, satisfying experience. A hot pot restaurant just opened up right here in West Palm Beach, and Ashley and I are excited to go try it soon in honor of our trip to China. Now that we have two kids, our time is more limited, but we still make an effort to go on adventures. Last month, we took our boat out on one chilly Florida day. Our son, Russell, smiled and laughed while “driving” the boat. He’s coming along with fishing, too. Ruby, our daughter, just turned one, and we had a birthday bash for her to celebrate. It was a hoot to see all her little friends running around, trying to figure out what the celebration was for. Experiences like these make us realize that watching our kids grow is our biggest adventure yet. Feb. 14 might be the most recognized day to celebrate love, but it’s important to show the people in your life that you love them every day. Take a day this month to shower your partner with love — it doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day.We put a few more ideas for you in the rest of the newsletter.

Ashley and me on the Great Wall of China during our honeymoon

Right before I asked her to marry me, we were getting ready to go on vacation. I knew I didn’t want to propose somewhere that wasn’t part of our story. I wanted to ask her in a place that held significant meaning for us. Thinking back to our early date nights, I suggested a walk on the beach. “Let’s have sushi down by the docks like old times,” I told her. We made our way to the dock as the sun started to fall towards the water, casting a warm orange-pink glow over the beach.

I put some music on from a speaker, and as the sun began to set, I asked her to be my wife.

When she said yes, I felt elated. I was going to marry my best friend and the woman of my dreams.

That day kicked off a marriage full of adventure. Neither of us are the type of people who are content to sit still. We want to get outside and be active. One of the things we did when we first started dating was organize a

Until next month,

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