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A popular topic for elder law attorneys around the holidays is to have “the conversation” with aging family members. I get it. It can be alarming to come home for Thanksgiving to see Mom or Dad looking frail or perhaps unable to take care of themselves the way they used to. It’s tempting to want to “DO SOMETHING” right away. ENJOY EACH OTHER ON THANKSGIVING If you are traveling to be with family or if you have family coming home for Thanksgiving make being with your family the priority. Conversations can be stressful enough without the added burden of having to talk about taking care of mom or dad. Instead, use the time at home to focus on each other and appreciate the time you have together. Find opportunities to laugh and be helpful to each other. Use the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to learn as much as you can about what you can do to best serve your aging family. FROM THE DESK OF Paul Stano It’s tempting, but not necessary.

Some people love Thanksgiving just the way it is, but others feel the annual traditions that come with it are stifling. If you’re dreading the inevitable conversation about whose house to go to, which side dishes to cook, and who to invite to the table, why not mix things up for 2019? Just because Thanksgiving falls on the same fourth Thursday each November doesn’t mean you’re locked into the same holiday routine. If you’re stuck in a Turkey Day rut, try one of these alternate celebrations and enjoy the spirit of gratitude in a new way. WELCOME THE UNCONVENTIONAL THANKSGIVING 3 Ideas for Mixing Up the Traditional Turkey Day TV shows love to draw up stories about devastated characters forced to spend Thanksgiving without their extended families, but really, what’s so bad about making Thanksgiving an intimate affair? Big, boisterous Thanksgivings with every uncle, cousin, and stepsister certainly have their downsides. Slaving over the stove is stressful, and bringing people from so many different walks of life together can cause heated arguments. Why not skip the drama this Thanksgiving and enjoy a romantic dinner with your significant other or a cozy meal with your spouse and kids? You can cook together at home or grab a table at a restaurant with a Turkey Day special to leave the stress of cooking behind entirely. In the end, you may be even more grateful for those you hold dear. ‘JUST US’ THANKSGIVING


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