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Our lives are built on relationships. If I want to be happy at home, I have to make sure I ammaintaining good relationships with my wife, my sons, and my friends. If I want to run a successful business, I need to have good relationships with my staff and my patients. I’m not a “relationship expert” by any means but, over the years, I’ve discovered that in order to maintain good relationships in your personal or professional life, there are three skills you have to work on. COMMUNICATION Everyone says it’s important to communicate in a relationship, and it’s true! But one thing I’ve noticed is that many people make the mistake of not knowing what authentic communication is. It’s not just one person talking. Both parties need to talk and listen to what the other person is saying. Communication is a respectful exchange of information. Sometimes there’s no communication because one person doesn’t want to respond or because they’re not listening. Other times, there’s no communication because one person never gives their partner a chance to respond. Any relationship requires effort from both parties. UNDERSTANDING In relationships, it’s not enough to just share information. You need to make sure you understand what your partner is saying and that they understand you. Lack of understanding is a big problem in modern relationships due in part to nonverbal communication. When you read a text message, it’s easy to project your personal assumptions onto the words, giving the message meaning that isn’t really there. When youmake a point to communicate, youmust also make a point to understand one another. Don’t just assume you knowwhat the other person wants; ask for clarification, and if your partner doesn’t understand but wants to, remember to be patient with them and accurately express the intention behind your words. Having a good relationshipmeans taking the time to ensure you’re on the same page, which brings us to my last piece of advice.

SHARED REALITY In order to maintain a strong, healthy relationship, you and your partner need to have the “Any relationship requires effort from both parties.”

same purpose. This is where “the talk” comes in when you’ve started dating someone new. You have to agree

on what is normal, what each person should or shouldn’t be doing, and what each person expects out of the relationship. Are you friends, getting married, or just courting? Good relationships are built on compromise, so it’s okay if two people don’t want the same thing right away, as long as they can reach a mutual understanding. Having a shared reality is just as important in business. The only way to build something great is to have everyone working toward the same goal. At the clinic, if I’m trying to help someone win a marathon and they just want to walk around their house without pain, then we have a big problem. We won’t be able to move forward until we get on the same page again. In personal relationships and business ones, all three of these elements are needed in order for a relationship to thrive. You need to be willing to communicate and take the time to understand each other so you can be on the same page about where you’re at and where you want to be. Once you can fully see eye to eye, you can go forward and achieve what that relationship is meant to accomplish.

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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