“We are developing the Stardale Project with the

highest degree of care for the neighbouring

communities, the environment and all the


Innergex acquires Stardale

solar project

a stable stream of cash flows for the next 20

years and beyond.”


Rafael Dobrzynski, Chief Executive

Officer of Enfinity Americas, commented:

Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. has


entered into a share purchase agreement

the highest degree of care for the



solar project in East Hawkesbury



of the Ontario market, its development

Innergex is paying about $11.1 million to

philosophy and financing capabilities,


Innergex is the ideal partner to bring the

of St-Eugène.

Stardale Project through the finish line. We

Construction of the Stardale Project,

are also very pleased to continue our

situated south of County Road 10, began in

association with Innergex, acting as its

November, 2010, and is expected to be

engineering, procurement and construction

completed by February, 2012.

contractor and long-term operations and

Total development costs are expected to

maintenance provider for the Stardale

Photos Richard Mahoney

be approximately $140 million; the amount



includes the $11.1 million consideration to

The Stardale project is being developed

project west of St-Eugène. The irony is not lost on neighbours, who note that trees are


on two parcels of land totalling 300 acres.

falling in the interests of the “green movement.”

The facility, the first large-scale power-

Large tracts of wooded land have been

producing solar operation in the region, has

cleared and felled trees chipped to make

stirred up controversy since the proposal

way for the development. The irony is not

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first came to light in 2008. The proponent at

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lost on neighbours, who note that trees are

the time, Ottawa-based Solaris Energy

falling in the interests of the “green


movement.” The operation consists of a

who contended the operation ought not be

ground-mounted PVarray system, which is

established on prime farmland. Solaris

to include a total of approximately 144,060

eventually got the green light from the


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Ontario Municipal Board, however, the

capacity of 27 MWAC (33.2 MWDC). The

arguments presented by the opponents

forecast electric output is estimated at 39

contributed to the drafting of provincial

GWh, enough to provide electricity to

legislation safeguarding prime crop lands

approximately 2,600 homes.

from similar development in the future.

Michel Letellier, President and Chief

Executive Officer of Innergex, says he is

enthusiastic about this first investment in

solar energy for the renewable energy


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industry for quite some time now. The solar

technology is proven, reliable and simple,

and we believe the construction and

250, rue Main Est, Hawkesbury, ON Tél. : 613 632-9282 • Télec. : 613 632-0791

operational risks are minimal. In addition,

the sun provides for a very stable and


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will result in the Stardale Project generating

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