Glengarry-Prescott-Russell voters have

Quick quiz : What do syrup, the Bloc

been represented by Opposition members

Québécois and contempt of Parliament

at both the federal and provincial levels.

have in common?

And, the sun kept rising, the cows kept

If you replied, “Some of the latest

giving milk, and the sap continued to run.

examples of people trying to spin public


opinion,” go to the head of the class or

burning issues at the start of the campaign

give yourself a high-five or scream,



course, incumbent Conservative MP is


saying the Liberals are a gang of meanies

federal election campaign, both sticky

Sap and politics

because they are against the new budget

topics would be high on the agenda.

which promised a batch of benefits for

As consumers and voters, we are

known that this natural sweetener is great.


everyone. Liberal Julie Bourgeois,


However, the new study affords more

lots of time and energy.

countering the Liberals’ platform is way


insight into this fabulous fluid, and gives us

A by-product is the moisture from the

better than the Conservatives’ budget,

who are trying to put a positive spin on

the chance to discuss phenolic compounds

cloying steam which is beneficial for


their products and platforms. Unlike

and polyphenols, topics that are too often

moisture-starved people and homes. If you

voters from the fact that Harper’s bunch

politics, however, syrup is somethingwe

overlooked when we draw up the weekly

are serious, you may want to get a gauge,



grocery list.

such as a Brix Scale, to check the quality of

Indeed, this was a history-making

good and good for you. Which brings us

You have no doubt read that scientists at

your final product. If you are a few Brix


to the latest line from the maple syrup

the University of Rhode Island reason that

short, it doesn’t matter if you aremaking the

been slappedwith such a reprimand. Only

industry. “Superfood” is the newest label

polyphenols in syrup may help regulate

stuff for your own consumption.

in Canada, you say? Yes, that’s a pity. But

attached to that fabulous elixir which all

blood sugar levels. These findings could

Of course, different standards must be

does anybody care?

of us love. You are no doubt aware that

lead to the development of new drugs to

applied when the mass market is targeted.

Lemieux remains popular and “ethics”

researchers have identified compounds

fight other diseases.

We shift from boiling to boilerplate, and

does not seemto be a burning issue among

in maple syrup that have anti-

You can read all about it when you pick

another federal election campaign.


inflammatory or anti-oxidant properties


(Apologies to those who hate politics. But

happen. It all boils down towhat spin has,


Foods, a serious publication that routinely

the politicians are out there; they cannot be

as they say, the most traction.

tea and red wine.

probes fields such as epigenetics and

avoided; ignoring themwill not make them

Some of these wonderful compounds


go away.)

may help to fight cancer and diabetes.

Anyway, many are no doubt a tad


A total of 54 beneficial compounds

flumuxed by the thought that diabetic-

scene anytime soon is veteran Argenteuil-


friendly compounds can be found in a


maple syrup fromQuébec, including five


Laframboise, an affable sort, who although

of which have never been seen in nature.



Among the new compounds is quebecol , a

same, and moderation is the best policy.

breathe fire, at least not in full public view.

novel phenolic compound, named after

One of the down sides of the arrival of

He represents a party that can never form

the province which is a world leader in


a government and is dedicated to breaking

maple syrup production.

season. Once the buds appear on the trees,

up our country. But like other BQers, he

The study was funded by the

we know that the sap-tapping time is on the

insists that anMP does not necessarily have

Federation of Québec Maple Syrup


to be a member of the government to be of

Sharing The Political Turf


While production is best left to

use to his constituents. It is an effective spin,

On some lawns in Hawkesbury, different


professionals, most of us who live in the

apparently, because Laframboise keeps


So, a study funded partly by maple

boonies and own some trees have at, at least

getting elected, and is considered to be the

of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell Liberal


once, attempted to make our own syrup.

front-runner in the campaign leading up to


is extraordinaire. That is no big surprise.

We soon learn that you can’t make syrup

the May 2 vote.

MP Pierre Lemieux are sharing this piece

But does this colour our perception of the

and be in a hurry. Even when the flow is at

The useful outsider concept has,





in the May 2 election.


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