Sewage job

5% below estimate

where, for example, “You come across

something buried that we couldn’t account


for,” he said.

There are 16 provisional items, which

total $2,874,800, which could be deleted in

Municipal taxpayers have good reason

order to increase the contingency fund.

to be pleased with the bids submitted on

The total cost is pegged at $35,648,964.

the overhaul of Hawkesbury’s sewage

The federal andprovincial governments are

treatment plant.

each contributing $11,882,988. The town is


financing its share by taking $1.6 million

been awarded the general contract for the

from reserves and borrowing $10.5 million.

price of $29,986,700, the lowest of nine

Engineering fees are 12 per cent of the

tenders submitted on the project that was

total, or about $3.2 million, and project



is a very good price,” Joshua Eamon, an

be about $810,000.


Hawkesbury is saving about $500,000


during the three-year construction period

fact, six bids were below the estimate.

by installing a dewatering system.


Currently, the town pays $375,816

some items will be trimmed from the


contract, Eamon added. “We would like to

While the overall cost of dewatering and

have a contingency fund of $800,000 to $1

disposal of sludgewould be $1,023,440 over

million,” he explained.With a project of this


size, there are bound to be some instances,

to $533,845 by setting up a dewatering unit

Circus moves to park

whichwill become a permanent component

of the refurbished plant.

Town council has complained the plant,


built in 1971, was already defective when

Submitted photo

the Ontario government transferred the

Alexandria hockey enthusiasts Matthew McDonald and Shane Obrien demonstrated

service to the town in 1994.

The circus will come back to

their community spirit by hosting a fun hockey tournament at the Glengarry Sports


Hawkesbury again this summer, but to a

Palace in Alexandria. Four teams took to the ice. When it was all over, the host team,

on the plant in 2005, the investment did not

different venue.


resolve all of the station’s defects, which

Because work is being carried out at the

Glengarry Youth Centre as approximately $500 was raised for the worthy cause. Local

include inadequate sludge storage and the

Main Street sewage treatment plant, that

youth Phil Delorme volunteered as timekeeper and referees took a cut in pay to support


site, where the midway has traditionally set

the cause. The winning team is comprised of (front) Coach Dan Rouette, (centre, from

in raw sewage entering the Ottawa River


left) Pierre-Luc Sabourin (Coach), Leo McLean, Ghislain Nadeau, MatthewMcDonald,

during heavy rains.

Confederation Park when the amusements

and Shane O’Brien; (back) Luc “Ti-Loup” Sabourin, John Lauzon, Lance Stuart, Pierre-


return July 5 to 8.

Luc Marleau, Pat Hurtubise, Joel Doiron, Youth Centre Advisory Committee member

it admitted that the plant had contravened

The event is sponsored by the

representing SD&G O.P.P., and Tyler O’Brien.

provincial environmental laws.

Hawkesbury Chamber of Commerce.

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