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August 2018

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How Learning Affects My Family, My Career, and Me professor now, he’s still a teacher and a mentor to me. After every conversation with him, I come away learning

I believe teachers make all the difference in a child’s life. They provide valuable moments for kids to develop a passion for learning as well as an excitement for life. A good teacher almost serves as an extension of your parenting. They inspire our kids to be better and find their interests. I was talking to my son, Isaac, the other day, and for a young man going into the ninth grade, he has incredible insight on the topic. He went into detail explaining why he loved his eighth-grade science teacher. It wasn’t that he was funny or that he was best friends with the students. Instead, Isaac told me he always found a way to make the subject interesting. His class was studying biology during one rubric, and to better relate the topic to his students, the teacher brought in a live peregrine falcon. If his

something new or gaining an entirely new perspective. But he’s such a great teacher because he never stops learning. He’s always taking on something new to teach himself and acquire a new skill set. He wants to write his memoirs, so now, in his late 70s, he started taking a creative writing class to understand the mechanics of language better. One of the three core values that drive our brokerage forward is education. Everything we do here at Realty ONE Group Professionals revolves around educating

our agents, our clients, and ourselves. We’re always trying to host new continuing education classes, mastermind groups, or an event that adds value to our community. We recently held an event with agents and entrepreneurs from all over the area to expand the knowledge about government financing. It was amazing to see how everyone shared information. We see education having the most significant impact with our new agents. We have a program specifically designed to help set new agents up for success: One Launch. The data about the new agents who come out of real estate school and quickly wash out of the industry is staggering. This series of courses takes new agents far beyond the basics that are taught in real estate school and empowers them to achieve the success they desire. But we don’t stop there. We have a mentoring program and ONE University for existing agents looking to expand their minds and provide better service to our clients. Learning is the spine of success. I’m very proud to have my children, my career, and my personal life embody such wonderful examples of education. Back to school doesn’t have to be the only moment we commit to learning. Rather than going back to school, I recommend going back to learning, and fill your minds with as much meaningful information as you can.

“The data about the new agents who come out of real estate school and quickly wash out of the industry is staggering.”

teacher thought the content of the class would be better absorbed by being outside, he packed up the students and took his teaching outside. But what really drove it home for Isaac was the fact that he got up in front of the class and spoke to the students individually. He wasn’t behind his computer teaching from a PowerPoint. He was looking at each student as he related the subject to them. Education in my life goes beyond just school. My father-in-law has this insatiable love of teaching that truly inspires me. Although he’s a retired



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