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communautaire community link Le lien The Whist militaire Les Chevaliers de Colomb de Wendover organisent unwhist militaire au profit de l’église, le dimanche 8 janvier, 2017 à 13h30. SVP réservé avant le 6 janvier. Réservation : Michel au 613- 673-4166 ouThérèse au 613-866-2191. Bingo Wendover Bingo, au profit de la paroisse St- Benoît-Labre de Wendover, par les Chevaliers de Colomb. Le vendredi 6 janvier à 19h, au centre communautaire LucienDelorme. Info: Gilbert Harrigan, 613-673-2639. Filles d’Isabelle La réunion des Filles d’Isabelle cercle 1210 de Rockland aura lieu mardi le 10 janvier à 19h. C’est à la salle des Chevaliers de Colomb, 954 rue Giroux Rockland. Invitation de Retraite en Action Retraite en Action vous invite membres et nonmembres à la causerie deMichel Prévost, archiviste en chef de l’Université d’Ottawa et président de la Société d’histoire de l’Outaouais, au suject de La fête des Rois et la galette des Rois : une tradition millénaire. Le 12 janvier, de 9h30 à 11h30, au Manoir Rockland, 9045 chemin de comté 17, à Rockland. Attendance gratuit. Venez découvrir les origines lointaines de la Fête des Rois et aussi de la délicieuse galette des Rois. are holding a bottle drive, Jan. 14, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Bourget andHammond areas. Proceeds to support summer camp program. Bottles and cans for the drive be left outside, (with a note please) for collection. Call or text Francis at 613- 316-3321 to ensure collection. Whist militaire L’Union culturelle des Franco- Ontariennes du Cercle de St-Isidore organise un whist militaire le 5 février, 2, à 13h30, au Centre récréatif de St- Isidore. Pour réservation avant le 28 janvier, téléphonez à Gisèle Séguin, 613-764-5559, ou Monique Lecuyer, 613-524-2651. Le Choeur du Moulin de Rockland Le Choeur du Moulin reprend ses activités le 11 janvier, à 19h, à la Salle de musique de l’école secondaire catholique L’Escale de Rockland. Pour info. : Nicole au 613 677-1033. Tous sont bienvenus à se joindre à nous. Le Partage de Bourget Le Comptoir familial Le Partage de Bourget sera ouvert en retour le 5 janvier 2017 avec l’horaire régulière. Jeudi : 13h à 20h, vendredi 13h à 17h et samedi 10h à 13h. Scout bottle drive First Clarence Scouts

Online project connects Residence residents with families

A new project at the Prescott-Russell Re- sidence helps bring residents and their families closer together in the cyberverse. The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) has given its complete support to

“I thinkmost people, if we are honest, find it hard to visit a long-term care residence,” stated Billingsley in a news release, “even if we are thinking every day about our mother, father, and others who live there. So the

with Billingsley for a test pilot project of his bilingual iResident prototype. She has also offered to help spearhead a community fundraising project to further assist the iRe- sident pilot project at the Residence, should

a community-inspired pilot project aimed at helping residents, at the Residence, to keep in close and regular touch with their families. A private messaging sys- tem called iResident will allow family and friends of any resident living at the Prescott-Russell Residence to post messages, photos, and videos for exclusive sharing with a senior at the retirement home. The sys-

it grow beyond the early stages. “Think of it as an ongoing let- ter-writing and photo exchange,” stated Sproule, “that would break down the barriers for those who might be reluctant to visit or for those who live too far away to visit often.” As part of the pilot project, each resident would have his or her own personal and exclusive identity for the system. Family and friends would sign in to their own tablets using the app,

Les Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell ont appuyé le projet pilote d’une messagerie privée appelé iResident, qui permet à la famille et aux amis de tout résident de la Résidence Prescott-Russell de partager des messages, des photos et des vidéos exclusifs avec une personne âgée. Le système peut fonctionner avec des tablettes électroniques. Terry Billingsley (notre photo), un développeur d’applications d’affaires à Ottawa, a commencé à travailler sur le concept iResident il y a plusieurs années.

tem can work through tablet computers, for easier and more private viewing by the recipient. Terry Billingsley, a business app developer in Ottawa, began work on the iResident concept several years ago after one of his family members began living in long-term care.

focus of iResident is on the seniors. It’s all for them, and improving their lives, so they are not cut off fromeverything and everyone they know, just because they are living in a long-term care facility.” Louise Sproule of Vankleek Hill became the bridge to connect staff at the Residence

so they can share photos and news. When they visit the Residence, an iPad is available to show photos and read notes sent to the resident or to take and post new photos to share with family back home. Residents will have free access to the app and the pilot project will operate at no cost to taxpayers.

Pilot project for new roadside test device doing highway patrols and counterattack check stops. Part of the purpose of the pilot project is to test the devices under various weather conditions. The new equipment is called an oral fluid


will use the devices during regular shift ses- sions with subjects, both drivers and passen- gers, who are suspected of using drugs and volunteer to provide an anonymous saliva sample for testing. Besides the OPP,

Police can do on-the-spot tests of anyone suspected of drunk driving. Now the same may be true for anyone who smoked a bit of marijuana or sampled some other drug before getting behind the wheel of a car or truck. The OPP and several other police forces across Canada are taking part in a pilot pro- ject to test the effectiveness and efficiency of a new piece of technology designed to determine if someone has taken any drugs before or while they are driving a vehicle. Results of the project will determine which of two new drug-test roadside screening devices will become standard issue for police

screening device (OFSD). The device checks a saliva sample for the pre- sence of marijuana, cocaine, metham- phetamine, and various opiods like heroin. Police forces ta-

police departments in Gatineau, Toron- to, Vancouver, and Halifax, and the RCMP detachments in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and in Yellowknife in the NorthWest Territory,

OPP and other police departments are testing out some new devices designed to catch people who are driving while “flying high” on marijuana or other drugs.

king part in the pilot project will have trai- ning for their officers in how to use both of the screening devices being tested. Officers

Peeping Tom warning The OPP has received reports, during the last week of December, of a suspicious person roaming around on foot in the village of Alfred during the evenings, peering through the windows of various homes. As of press time, there was no report yet that the “Peeping Tom” had been caught in the act but police are warning residents to be alert to anyone lurking around their homes and yards. Police also urge residents to make sure that their vehicles are also locked and secured, and to make sure their homes are secured against intruders. Residents are also advised to inform someone if they expect to be gone overnight or longer, and to check that the premises are secure. Anyone who spots a suspicious person lurking can call the police at 1-888-310-1122. – Gregg Chamberlain are taking part in the project. One of the conditions of the pilot project is that no test results from the volunteers will used in court as evidence for any charges. The samples are just to help determine which of the two devices works best and also help set Canadian legal guidelines and standards for future roadside screening devices used for drug-testing of impaired drivers.

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