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Assisted Functional Trainer Model: UP351 Instructional sign included*

Assisted Balance Walk Model: UP352 Instructional sign included*

Assisted Step Trainer Model: UP353 Instructional sign included*

Assisted Step Around Model: UP355 Instructional sticker included

Skill Trainer Model: UP354 Instructional sticker included

Energy and Strength Wheels Instructional sticker included In-Ground: UP191S Surface Mount: UP191SM

Plyometric Box Instructional sign included* Multiple heights available 6": UP172 12": UP173 18": UP174 24": UP175

Balance Plank Station Model: UP176 Instructional sign included*

Instructional Sign & Sticker

Outdoor Fitness COLLECTION a complete collection of adult fitness equipment designed for those ages 13+


1. Stand with feet on foot support with back against backrest. 2. Place forearms on arm pads and hands on grip handles. 3. Bring knees to waist level or higher and hold for a 5 count. 4. Return slowly to starting position and repeat.

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403890 Fitness equipment and surfacing placed in direct sunlight may reach temperatures high enough to cause serious contact burn injuries to bare skin. Users should check for and avoid hot surfaces before using fitness equipment. Fitness equipment that allows feet to leave the ground during exercise requires protective surfacing within the training envelope. Installation over a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, or packed earth may result in serious injury or death from falls. Prior to using ActionFit fitness equipment remove helmets, clothing with drawstrings or accessories around the neck. Do not attach straps, bands or similar items to equipment. ActionFit fitness equipment is designed for users 13 years of age and above. Keep children under the age of 13 from using fitness equipment at all times. Consult your physician before starting an exercise program and use fitness equipment for intended use only. Prior to using ActionFit equipment inspect and do not use any equipment that appears damaged, inoperable or is missing parts. Do not climb on fitness equipment, keep clear of moving parts and be aware of others using the equipment.

63 Modern Fitness Equipment 65 Traditional Fitness Equipment

Captain’s Chair Instructional sticker included In-Ground: UP167S Surface Mount: UP167SM

Balance Board Station Model: UP177 Instructional sign included*

Push-Up Station Model: UP224 Instructional sticker included

Leg Press Instructional sticker included

In-Ground: UP170S Surface: UP170SM

*Instructional Sign Freestanding sign post is included.

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Warning! Safety surfacing required for outdoor fitness equipment per ASTM F1292 and F3101-15 .

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