2018-2019 Annual Report "The Flame"

FLAME The ANNUAL REPORT 2018-2019 | 5778-5779

| THE FLAME 2018-2019

DEAR LEVINE FAMILIES, We are thrilled with how strong our students and teachers finished in May 2019, and we are very excited about the start of the 2019-2020 year. This last year saw our students ongoing performance and acceptance into the elite schools of their choice, including Yavneh, Greenhill, St. Mark’s, Booker T. Washington HSPVA, Parish, ESD and the upper divisions of several ISD schools in Plano and Richardson. We also launched a full-scale modernization of ECC classrooms, constructed significant upgrades to our playgrounds, taught advanced sections in mathematics, and inaugurated our first summer camp, Summer@Levine, for elementary and middle school students. This past spring also saw the Board of Directors pass a new three-year strategic plan designed to continue Levine’s evolution. All of this was thanks to our partnership with you, our families, with our faculty and professional leadership team, with our board of trustees, and with friends and clergy throughout the city. The strategic plan is designed to build on the unique strengths and character of our school and students: academic engagement, ethics, Jewish identity, and social responsibility. One chief aim is to expand our appeal to a larger number of families to ensure the continued vibrancy of the school. To that end, we identified four strategic pillars that constitute our improvement plan: Academic Innovation – continued evolution of our general studies curriculum to enhance Levine’s competitive position with respect to other private select schools in Dallas, and modernizing our Judaic curriculum. This includes plans to find more opportunities for cross-curricular collaboration to ensure the program addresses the needs of Jewish identity and learning in the 21st century. Early Childhood Program – increase the attractiveness of the early childhood program and align the program with the 21st century learning programs in the lower and middle school. Inclusivity – broaden the reach and attractiveness of Levine across a wider spectrum of normative Judaism and reach a larger number of people to create an environment where all Levine families feel at home in the school. Financial Sustainability – to ensure the long-term sustainability of the school and provide the resources to permit continued innovation of the curriculum and the overall Levine experience. Over the course of this summer, our team has been working diligently to begin our implementation action plan. This includes completing the modernization of all the ECC classrooms, taking our STEM education to its next level of implementation, revitalizing our Judaic programming, and planning for a more flexible schedule that will mean an upgrade to our electives for 2020 in the middle school. On behalf of the Board and the faculty and staff of Levine, we thank you again for your commitment to our school. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you in fulfilling our mission with strength and vitality. Sincerely,

Tom Elieff    Head of School

Solomon Israel  

President, Board of Trustees


Ann & Nate Levine Academy is an inclusive, dynamic, Jewish day school which fosters leadership, creat ivi ty, cr i t ical thinking, and Jewish values whi le empower ing i ts students wi th integr i ty, sel f-conf idence, and intel lectual cur iosi ty. MISSION STATEMENT CRITICAL THINKING We encourage exploration and intellectual and objective analysis before reaching conclusions and making judgments. GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Through the lens of Jewish tradition and tikkun olam, we promote the responsibilities and duties that come with being an ethical and humane partner in our society and world. CREATIVITY We promote the use of innovation, imagination and originality, in our approach to learning. COLLABORATION Through positive, mutually respectful relationships, we build effective working and learning communities. GROWTH MINDSET We believe that each person has innate talents and strengths that can be fostered through dedication, perseverance, and hard work inspiring a love of learning and resilience. COMMUNITY We embrace the full spectrum of Jewish rituals and practices and encourage each student to value his/her unique heritage and pathway in the context of Jewish History. PREPARATORY CURRICULUM Students are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and character to succeed in all areas of life after Levine. CONFIDENCE An emotionally safe environment fosters a feeling of assurance arising from one’s abilities and qualities. ZIONISM Our school community embodies a strong connection with Israel, its people, culture and language. COMMITMENT We expect all members of our school community to embody our core Jewish middot and educational philosophy. EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY

| THE FLAME 2018-2019


Parents, Grandparents and Special Friends are encouraged to become involved with Levine Academy and help enhance student learning. Here is a list of the different ways YOU can get involved at Levine: ATTEND A MEETING The Parent Association welcomes all parents to join a meeting to find out more about how you can get involved. The Board has various committees always looking for participation from those with expertise in areas such as finance, development, gala, facilities, and more. Our Grandparents Committee and Alumni Committee were launched this year and welcome others to join the fun! VOLUNTEER AT SCHOOL Teachers, administrators and volunteer leaders are always seeking help to host, set-up or run activities and programs for students and teachers throughout the year. Keep an eye out for sign up emails asking for your participation. COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS Levine continues to explore new ideas and build strong partnerships with the community. We welcome ideas that you have or connections you may be able to make between Levine and area businesses and organizations to enhance our programs. DONATE TO LEVINE There are many ways to donate to Levine. We raise funds for capital improvement projects each year which help upgrade our facilities. We promote our Levine Fund annual campaign each year which provides needed funds for our yearly operations. We have many endowment funds which help support us for the future, and sponsorship or participation in our annual gala is always a popular way to support Levine. Contact us with any questions about Levine’s fundraising efforts. DONATE ITEMS TO OUR AUCTION Every year we have a silent and live auction as part of our annual gala. We solicit donations from area businesses and are always looking for new ideas to promote items in our silent and live auctions. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON AT LEVINE! Please contact our development office for more information: Kelly Jarboe Swofford, Development Assistant | kjarboe@levineacademy.org | 972-248-3032 x145 ANN & NATE LEVINE ACADEMY | 5


Board President......................................................... Solomon Israel President Elect. ............................................. Sandy Haymann Marks VP of Finance............................................................. Marc Grossfeld VP of Development................................................... Jodi Lemeshev Secretary............................................................... Jennifer Goldstein Immediate Past President. ...................................... David Goldberg Past President ............................................................. Chuck Butler


Risha Kopel Reiman Helen Risch Josh Rothstein Adam Stern Carrie Sternberg Michael Zimmermann

Ann Levine Shaun Medows Marlo Michaeli Yury Mintskovsky Mahra Pailet

Jonathan Blum Michael Cohen Shirley Davidoff Dan Gold Joanne Hazan Hylton Jonas

Janis Peiser Lee Raphael

| THE FLAME 2018-2019

Co-Presidents................................... Jenalee Raphael & Brandy Wayne Immediate Past President. ........................................ Julie Wilkofsky VP Outreach. ................................................................ Jacqui Felder VP Social Programming...................................... Risha Kopel Reiman VP Internal Operations.................................................. Sheila Orkin VP Communications. ........................................................ Tara Karp Secretary..................................................................... Shelley Cohen Treasurer.................................................................... Shaun Medows ECC Representatives.......................... Michelle Berger &Nilly Ovadia Faculty Representatives. ................... Debbie Sukenic & Sophie Miller Administrative Liaison...................................................... Yael Twito PARTNERS, ASSOCIATIONS & ACCREDITATIONS PARENT ASSOCIATION 2018-2019



The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas is our partner in achieving our goal to ensure a strong, vibrant Jewish Community in Dallas, Israel and throughout the world. Together, the work that we do impacts thousands annually. As a partner agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, not only are we awarded funds annually, we are also provided the opportunity to apply for additional grants each year. In addition to monetary support, we are also given resources to strengthen and grow our organization. Some examples of such programs and resources include: the Community Security Initiative, the Schultz Fellowship, the Community Outreach and Engagement Initiative, the Center for

Jewish Education and the Jewish Community Relations Council. Core Grant: $232,200 This grant is awarded to Levine Academy as a partner organization of the Federation to be used as unrestricted funds in the areas of greatest need.


With the help of the Jewish Federation, Levine Academy is able to support so many of its students through our learning support program. The Learning Support team uses pull-out and push-in models supporting children both inside the classroom environment as well as one-on-one outside of the classroom when needed.

LEARNING SUPPORT TEAM • Dean of Learning Support • 2 Learning Specialists • Early Childhood & Lower School Counselor • Middle School Counselor • Dyslexia Therapist

35% of K-8 students have a case manager on the learning support team.

68% of students receiving learning support have accommodation plans


| THE FLAME 2018-2019

CENTER FOR INITIATIVES IN JEWISH EDUCATION (CIJE) ENGINEERING PROGRAM CIJE provides all participating day schools with a wraparound cutting-edge applied STEM program. This important new curricular feature makes our middle school education more relevant to career choices in the 21st century, better able to produce future tech innovators and entrepreneurs who will support our community, and more exciting for students. Participating schools partnering in this program include Mesorah High School, Texas Torah Institute, Torah Day School, and Yavneh Academy of Dallas.


STEM K-8 HIGHLIGHTS Embarked on our school-wide STEM initiative. Implemented new STEMscopes Curriculum for K-8th Grade. Implemented new math curriculum in 6th & 8th grades. Partnership with CIJE (Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education) for STEM training and implementation. STEM Family Night in partnership with Perot Museum, UTD, Bricks for Kids, Challenge Island, and Frontiers of Flight Museum. 8th Grade Florida Field Experience to participate in the Disney Youth Education Series. Math Night for Kinder-6th Grade parents.


GRANDPARENTS CIRCLE Our grandparents are such an important part of our school. They come to cheer on their students in all of their performances, celebrate their accomplishments, and support our school. Thank you to all of our grandparents for your participation! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our grandparent committee this year and we would love to welcome any additional grandparents who would like to participate!

| THE FLAME 2018-2019


Veronique &Hylton Jonas Linda & Garry Kahalnik – In honor of Nadav &Matan Twito Emily & Larry Kern Eileen &Howard Kessner Jane Kinney

Jill & Stephen Saravay – In honor of Nadav Kushnick Sharan & Jack Schlossberg Heidi & Laurence Schoenfeld Janet & Stanley Siegel

Miriam Ackermann – In honor of Aryeh Ackermann Pamela Alexander Anonymous Madeleine &Michael Appel Miriam&Mitchell Barnett Janet Behringer Donna & Barton Bernstein Sandy Frieden & Bob Kelly Renee & Philip Borod Andrea & Steve Eisenstein Rachel &Michael Emmett The Barnett Family Sheryl & Robert Feinberg – In honor of Avner O’Sullivan Sheila & Steven Fenyves Linda & David Garner – In honor of Meadow Switzer Ellen & Arthur Gold Irene & Abe Goldberg Gerrie & Gerald Gould Bonnie &Michael Grossfeld* Athene &Warren Harmel Linda & Jeffrey Hochster – In honor of Noa & Ari Goldman Myrna & Charles Ingham Esmé & Errol Jacobson Trish Weisman & John Golin

Jeanie Siegel Roger Siegel Joan & Jerry Skibell

Melanie &Neville Kling Marcia & Jaime Kopel Sharon Kuhr Jeanette & Jeffrey Lurie Barry Mellman Jana & Robert Milstein

Laurie & David Sokolsky Barbara & Stanley Spigel Jacqueline & Lloyd Stahl Lynn & Jay Staub Deborah &Myron Stayman Sheila & Larry Stern Marlene Sternberg – In honor of Seth Sternberg Laurie & Robert Sunshine – In honor of Elana Sunshine Lynne &Mark Warshauer – In honor of Caroline Warshauer Deborah & David Wayne Joan Weltman – In honor of Yovi & Eitan Cisneros Gerald Zahler

Cynthia & Allan Monfried Sherilyn & Richard Mullaney Sandy Phillips Ben Post Gloria & Lionel Reiman Barbara & David Repp Helen & Frank Risch Melissa & Darrell Robins Evelyn & Andrew Rosemore Wendy & Lester Rothschild Marilyn & Stanley Rothstein* – In honor of Chavy, Hillary, Abby, Maya & Gabe Rothstein Ilene & Steve Sanders – In honor of Mason Strumwasser

* Indicates a gift made through the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.





CLASS OF 2022 Kayla Kosfiszer Sydney Kramen Tannah Levin Daniel Tarnavsky

CLASS OF 2021 Lizzie Nassi Natalie Rubin Max Rudelman

CLASS OF 2020 Eliana Campbell Sara Lipszyc


Andrea Achar Eden Behr Eliana Campbell

Natalie Emmett Sydney Goldstein Jacob Grossfeld

Noah Kashar Danielle Levkovich Brenna Norton


Gabi Appel Ayla Blumberg

Michael Blumenthal Stella Bruce Claire Cohen

Eliana Lemeshev Mila Neumark Noah Raphael

Natalie Rubin Max Rudelman Caroline Warshauer

Ari Weisman Lainey Wren


Brendan Bernstein Mia Blum Stella Bruce Eliana Campbell Avi Cohen Michal Epstein

Talia Fisher Samantha Gold Ryan Goldstein Jacob Grossfeld Lauren Hazan Sarina Israel Nathan Kling

Eliana Lemeshev Danielle Levkovich Sara Lipszyc Gabe Lurie Aiden Mintskovsky Addison Monfried Eden Rogozinski

Omer Ron Natalie Rubin Gabriel Rudelman Seth Sternberg Elana Sunshine Caroline Warshauer



Natalie Emmett Sarah Fradkin Ella Frydman Samantha Goldberg

Danielle Levkovich Sara Lipszyc Eden Rogozinski Sara Sukenic


| THE FLAME 2018-2019


Gabi Appel Brendan Bernstein Samantha Goldberg

Sydney Goldstein Jacob Grossfeld Jesse Klein

Sara Lipszyc Aiden Mintskovsky Brenna Norton

Ella Sadka Olivia Wayne Avery Wren


CLASS OF 2022 Zachary Ingham Jesse Klein Sydney Kramen Elijah Kraus Roni Levkovich Lyle Pailet Ella Sadka Jordan Zimmermann

Sydney Goldstein Danielle Levkovich Gabriel Lurie Omer Ron David Tarnavsky


Brendan Bernstein Michal Epstein Samantha Goldberg Ryan Goldstein

Jacob Grossfeld Lauren Hazan Sarina Israel Noah Kashar

Abbie Khalameizer Aiden Mintskovsky Jeremy Minsky Eden Rogozinski

Mia Rogozinski Gabriel Rudelman Elana Sunshine Avery Wren



Zoe Blum Jenna Files Talia Fisher

Sydney Kramen Tannah Levin Rachel Medows Addison Monfried Lizzie Nassi

Avner O’Sullivan Lyle Pailet Shira Rahamim Brianna Richardson Maya Rothstein

Sarina Rutner Ella Sadka Aaron Schildkraut Jackson Shores Zoe Zahler

Morgan Hacker Alexis Kaganas


Ayla Blumberg Claire Cohen Chloe Glanger Samantha Gold

Morgan Hacker Daniel Kashar Sydney Kramen Elizabeth Nassi

Mila Neumark Shira Rahamim Brianna Richardson Natalie Rubin

Ella Sadka Aaron Schildkraut Guy Stern Caroline Warshauer


CLASS OF 2019 | Aiden Mintskovsky CLASS OF 2020 | Eliana Campbell

CLASS OF 2021 | Claire Cohen CLASS OF 2022 | Tannah Levin



The Levine faculty and staff are extremely proud of this year’s graduates. The class showed great leadership as Student Ambassadors, in Student Congress, and as organizers for many of the school’s annual ceremonies and celebrations on the Jewish calendar. Many earned inductions into the National Junior Honor Society. They collectively donated time and raised dollars for numerous charities and worthy causes. The twenty-four members of the Class of 2019 will soon be attending the following High Schools: Yavneh Academy of Dallas, Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, The International Baccalaureate Program at Plano East High School, Greenhill School, St. Mark’s School of Texas, Parish Episcopal School, Highland Park High School, Shepton High School/PISD, J. J. Pearce High School/RISD, and Academy High School/PISD.

Aryeh Ackermann Brendan Bernstein Michal Epstein Ella Frydman Samantha Goldberg Ryan Goldstein Jacob Grossfeld Brynn Grumbles Lauren Hazan Sarina Israel Noah Kashar Abigail Khalameizer Jeremy Minsky Aiden Mintskovsky Jonathan Pershes Eden Rogozinski Mia Rogozinski Chavy Rothstein Gabriel Rudelman Joshua Saland Ella Segev Sara Sukenic Elana Sunshine Avery Wren



| THE FLAME 2018-2019

Exploring Old Jaffa Tour of Ahuzat Bayit Purim in Jerusalem Re-enactment of the Declaration of Independence of Israel Meeting with soldiers serving in the Golan Heights Jeep ride with students from the Partnership region of the Western Galilee Shabbat in Zefat

Boat ride on the Kinneret Sunrise hike up Masada

Camel rides and Bedouin hospitality at Kfar Hanokdim Visit the Underwater Observatory and Shark Tank in Eilat Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem and praying at the Kotel Yad Vashem and Har Herzl tour in Jerusalem

“Today you close the door to the past and open the door to the future. Today you start a new chapter of your life. Remember there are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you set on yourself.” -Liz Lawlor, K8 Principal Thank you to the Gerda Vogel Marx Israel Experience Endowment Fund and Ann & Nate Levine for their generosity in subsidizing our 8th grade Israel Experience.



SPORTS Critical to our mission of developing the whole child, our athletic program saw both growth and success in the 2018-2019 school year. This year, we had record participation in our Basketball teams and great team spirit. The program has grown to include separate teams for 5th-6th and 7th-8th grades. SEASON HIGHLIGHTS • 5th & 6th Boys Flag Football made it to the league semi-finals. • 7th & 8th Boys Flag Football made it to the league semi-finals. • The Boys Basketball team won the inaugural national Jewish day school basketball tournament in Chicago and made it to the championship game in the TAPPS league. THEATRE, ARTS & MUSIC Our children continue to impress us with their talent year after year. This year we were amazed by their beautiful art displayed throughout the building, their impressive performances at Zimriyah, Talent Show, Drama, Dance, Band, and Show Choir.

| THE FLAME 2018-2019

DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION We continued to perfect our proficiency in Differentiated Instruction (DI) - an initiative we started four years ago. DI is the tailoring instruction to meet the individual needs of students. Teachers differentiate content, process, products, and the learning environment; they also use ongoing assessment and flexible grouping to customize the learning experience for their students. They do this by: • Presenting ideas through both auditory and visual means • Meeting with small groups to re-teach an idea or skill for struggling learners • Extending the thinking or skills of advanced learners • Varying the length of time a student may take to complete a task in order to provide additional support • Providing opportunities for an advanced learner to pursue a topic in greater depth • 21st Century classrooms with flexible seating • Giving students options of how to express required learning (e.g. multimedia presentations, artistic representation, oral or written presentations) • Allowing students to work alone or in small groups • Helping students understand their unique learning styles • Teaching students empathy for others, helping them to understand the needs of their peers


Our staff completed over 2800 Professional Development hours. 2800

Over 40% of the K-8 faculty members hold advanced degrees.

$371,718 spent on technology.

We witnessed the bonding and joint learning experience of over 200 buddies.


Zimriyah Sukkot Celebration Lag Ba’omer YomHa’atzmaut Parade and Programming collaboration with JNF and the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas Friday Shabbat Story for PreK with Rabbi Litton Chagigot School-wide Passover Seder ECCMatzah Factory Simchat Torah Celebration in school

| THE FLAME 2018-2019

• New Koren Siddurim (prayer books) were used daily • Introducing Mindfulness to Prayers following the Pittsburgh massacre • Classes preforming Jewish Music on Instruments for Shabbat • 8th Grade pen pal and video exchange with teens from the Cabri School and meeting them in Israel with Federation Partnership 2gether Region • All Judaic Studies Teachers participated in ongoing intensive training for Bible Study Legacy Heritage Institute JTS Standards and Benchmarks • Community Shabbat meal following Pittsburgh massacre • Martin Luther King Shabbat with Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein from Hazon JUDAIC STUDIES


Students raised over $6,000 for mitzvah projects in the community.

22 B'nai Mitzvot Celebrated.

1,000 challot sent home to our Levine families.

34 shabbatot celebrated.



• Students learned the vital characteristics of Levine’s core middot (values) and the significance of our Jewish traditions • Each week students were greeted with a sense of wonder by our Science and Discovery Specialist. Students “play” with important ideas and discover that asking questions is fundamental to problem-solving • Levine was awarded a “What If” grant from the Center for Jewish Education for two Yoga and Mindfulness family events • Levine students were given opportunities to develop and foster their social emotional learning in social skills class

| THE FLAME 2018-2019

GARDENING We are working hard to maintain our gardens by bringing our students out for some gardening and planting. This year, for the first time ever, our PreK students grew their own herbs in our garden and ran their very own farmer’s market at the P.A. Bazaar. Students sold and calculated change for their customers combining their nature education with their math education.

COMMENCEMENT We celebrated the end of the PreK with our first Levine Academy Early Childhood commencement ceremony.

SCHOLARSHIPS Thank you to the Helen E. Risch Preschool Scholarship Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation for supporting our ECC families.

ZIMRIYAH SONG FESTIVAL PreK performed for the first time with the K - 8th Grade students in the Zimriyah Song Festival.

POWERKIDS This school year we celebrated a 20 year partnership with PowerKids and our outstanding Physical Fitness Educational program where they focus on coordination skills, teamwork, and strength training.


LOWER/MIDDLE SCHOOL PLAYGROUND This year we were fortunate to receive a donation from the Haymann family to upgrade our Lower School/Middle School playground. The new playground includes a mini-soccer field with upgraded goals and artificial turf, a new two-story climbing structure, all new swings, new tetherballs, new basketball hoops, backboards, and sport court, and a new outdoor porch with picnic tables. CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS

| THE FLAME 2018-2019

DIGITAL MARQUEE We are thrilled that a donation from the Haymann family enabled us to install a new, state-of-the-art digital Marquee. We are now able to automate our school messages and add animation and color for dynamic, engaging communication with our families.

ECC 21ST CENTURY CLASSROOM Thank you Julie and Michael Zimmermann for upgrading our 3’s classroom this year to show us the possibilities that come with a 21st century learning environment. We love our new NorvaNivel furniture provided by Jolene & Avron Levin. After the huge success of our end-of-year 24 hour campaign, and thanks to participation from our entire Levine community and a generous matching gift from the Zimmermann family, all of our ECC classrooms were upgraded during the summer of 2019.

2ND GRADE 21ST CENTURY CLASSROOM Thank you to Jolene & Avron Levin and NorvaNivel for the donation of a beautiful new classroom upgrade for one of our 2nd Grade classes. The students have enjoyed a dynamic learning environment with moveable furniture, flexible seating, and updated storage to increase classroom learning space and improve the experience.


THANK YOU! This year’s Gala moved away from the traditional honoree dinner. Instead, seven community leaders - Neil Beckerman, Julie and Jay Liberman, Lillian and Jon Pinkus, and Jackie and Steve Waldman partnered with students in grades five through eight to guide them through performing mitzvah projects for four area Jewish non-profits that are aligned with Levine Academy’s core values: The Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, The Legacy Senior Communities, Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas, and The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas Partnership 2Gether. We hosted an event which brought our Jewish community together, highlighted the importance of community service and helping others, and switched the focus back to our students, who are the reason for everything that we do. The event was a huge success. Thank you all for your support. 2019 GALA

| THE FLAME 2018-2019


TIKUN OLAM SPONSOR Anonymous MENSCH SPONSORS Ann & Nate Levine The Schultz Family MITZVAH SPONSORS Janet & Jeffrey Beck Neil Beckerman Dot & Basil Haymann The Rubin Family Foundation/ Julie & Jay Liberman Texas Jewish Post MENTOR SPONSORS Stacey & Chuck Butler Jackie & Steve Waldman/ IMAWaldman Emily & Larry Kern/ Susan & Steven Wilkofsky Katherine Krause &Warren Zahler

TZEDAKAH SPONSORS Lisa & Randy Fleisher Angela Horowitz & Doug French Diane & Toby Gerber Gold Crown Valet Jana & Robert Milstein Leora & Larry Short Helen & Shami Waldman ADVERTISING SPONSORS On Screen Branding Carol & Steve Aaron Marsh &McLennan Agency Mobile Bidding Branding Andrea & Loren Weinstein Scoreboard Branding

CHESED SPONSORS Anonymous Congregation Anshai Torah Congregation Shearith Israel UBS/Kari & David Goldberg Bonnie &Michael Grossfeld Nancy & Solomon Israel Veronique & Hylton Jonas Carol &Mark Kreditor Charmaine Lampert Sandy & Andrew Marks Marlo &MenachemMichaeli Higher Standards Home Health/ Tina &Marcus Orlowski Mahra & Kevin Pailet Lillian & Jon Pinkus Helen & Frank Risch Marilyn & Stan Rothstein Staci & Paul Rubin Security Reconnaissance Team Laura & Ben Weinstein

Lisa & Neil Goldberg CPE Roofing, LLC/ Ortal & Gilad Hayim SYNLawn Texas


Steven Adelman Janet Behringer Stacey & Chuck Butler Eden & Tom Elieff Erica & David Foland Tobe & Arlin Goldberg Ashley &Marc Grossfeld Julie & Gary Haymann Joanne & Simon Hazan Herlitz Family Nancy & Solomon Israel Esmé & Errol Jacobson Mark Jaffe

Betty & Fred Kenner Carol &Mark Kreditor Jolene & Avron Levin Jeremy Litton Mahra & Kevin Pailet

Gloria & Lionel Reiman Risha & Steven Reiman Ilana & Jonathan Swerin Marcia & Jaime Kopel Dina &WilliamWarshauer Jodi Weisblatt Rob Weiss Julie &Michael Zimmermann



Suzanne &Moshe Azoulay Alisa & Jordan Beck Bonnie &Michael Grossfeld Philanthropic Fund* Jennifer &Michael Caplovitz Ellen & Arthur Gold Devorah & Zachery Goldstein Bonnie &Michael Grossfeld Athene &Warren Harmel Linda & Jeffrey Hochster Jacqueline &Michael Hoffman Angela Horowitz & Doug French Esmé & Errol Jacobson Emily & Larry Kern Mr. &Mrs. Jaime Kopel Diana & Gregory Krevo Levine Academy Student Council Jana & Robert Milstein Sherilyn & Richard Mullaney The Perlstein Family Melissa & Brandon Richardson Marilyn & Stanley Rothstein Fund* Paige & Neal Rothstein Staci & Paul Rubin Loren Jacobson &Moises Rudelman Sol and Estelle Barzune Endowment Fund* Jacqueline & Lloyd Stahl Lynn & Jay Staub Laurie & Robert Sunshine The Walt Disney Company Foundation Tolleson Wealth Management Yael & Bar Twito Dina &WilliamWarshauer TZEDAKAH CIRCLE $180 - $499 Miriam Ackermann Anonymous Madeleine &Michael Appel Rika Barak Ehrlich & Yaniv Ehrlich

Shaun & Jeremy Medows Marlo &MenachemMichaeli

DOUBLE CHAI CIRCLE $36,000.00 OR MORE Anonymous SCHOLARSHIP CIRCLE $10,000 - $17,999 Jodi & Yan Lemeshev Ann & Nate Levine Jeanie Siegel SCHECHTER CIRCLE $3,600 - $9,000 Anonymous Bank of America Ellen & Jack Fishpaw Goetz Family Philanthropic Fund* Jennifer & Jerald Goldstein Nancy & Solomon Israel Levine Academy Board of Trustees Sarah &Mark Jaffe

Mahra & Kevin Pailet Jenalee & Lee Raphael Esther & Jack Sardas Laurie & David Sokolsky Lori & Adam Stern Carrie & Todd Sternberg Amy & Anson Switzer Yuliya Berman & Aharon Tarnavsky Brandy &Mark Wayne Wells Fargo Bank Julie & Ian Wilkofsky Julie &Michael Zimmermann ETZ CHAYIM CIRCLE $1,000 - $1,799 Anonymous Karen & Andrew Cohen* Joanna & Brendan Cohen Daniel Rothstein Fund* David and Lorraine Hoppenstein Philanthropic Fund* Jacqui & Gavin Felder Fidelity Investments Linda & David Garner Eve & Edward Guth The Ike & Fannie Sabolsky Foundation* Krause Zahler Family Fund* Liz Lawlor

Yana & Yury Mintskovsky Mark and Carol Kreditor Philanthropic Fund* Stacey & Chuck Butler Kimberly & Daniel Gold Risha & Steven Reiman Sandy & Andrew Marks Tina &Marcus Orlowski Janis & Allan Peiser LEADERSHIP CIRCLE $1,800 - $3,599 Stacey & Andrew Behrendt

Lauren & Seth Margolies Shauna & Ryan Milstein Randy and Lisa Fleisher Philanthropic Fund* Melissa &Michael Reiman Ruthy & Steven Rosenberg Philanthropic Fund*

Andy & Jonathan Blum Jaime &Michael Cohen Lois &Malcolm Davidson Eden & Tom Elieff Michael, Sara & Talia Fisher Frank and Helen Risch Philanthropic Fund*

Marilyn &Michael Rutner Barbara & Stanley Spigel The Barnett Family Julie & Aharon Yochananov STALLION CIRCLE $500 - $999 Arona & Robert Ackermann Anonymous Gila & Noah Appel

Kari & David Goldberg Ashely &Marc Grossfeld Julie & Gary Haymann Joanne & Simon Hazan Veronique & Hylton Jonas Laurie and Dan Goetz Family Fund Michelle & Bryan Lurie

Janet & Jeffrey Beck Tara & Joshua Beliak Michelle & Douglas Berger

| THE FLAME 2018-2019

Linda & David Clorfeine Louise Crain

Sharon &Marc Blumberg Mara & Rotem Bracha Shelley &Mark Cohen Congregation Shearith Israel Sisterhood Julie & Jared Drinkwater Rachel &Michael Emmett Dia & Barry Epstein Michelle Feinberg Reesa & David Feinstein Debra Weinberger & Steve Files Regina & Aaron Frydman Judy Glazer Irene & Abe Goldberg Kate & Daniel Goldberg Pamela & Jonathan Goldminz Fred Grinnell Karen & Stephen Heller Debra & Erman Hensel Derek Israelstam Mark Jacobs Deborah Kalfon & Ronald Berzon Tara & Daniel Karp Marcia & Seth Kaufman Levine Academy Stallions Soccer Team Wendy & Stephen Lieman Elaine &Michael Lowenkron Emily & Brett Luskey Malcolm and Gillian Menter Philanthropic Fund* Michael A. and Jenifer Smith Blum Philanthropic Fund* Mark Mullaney & Jonathan Palant Meryl & Scott Nason Sheila & Jeff Orkin Nilly Borovoy & Ruben Ovadia Sandy Phillips Ben Post Nicole & Jay Post Stephanie & Daniel Prescott Adva & Kfir Rahamim Maayan & Charles Richman Jolene Risch Melissa & Darrell Robins Shani & Jeff Romick and Family Lilach & Amichai Ron

Evelyn & Andrew Rosemore Nicole & Steven Rosenbaum Elaine &Morris Rutchik Einat & Gil Sadka Ilene & Steve Sanders Jill & Stephen Saravay The Schultz Family Samantha & Robert Shiller Henry Siewert Joan & Jerry Skibell Melissa & Rob Solls Hadar & Gadi Spiro Yvette & Doug Stayman Deborah &Myron Stayman Andrea & Brett Steiger Hilary & Josh Stern and Family Marlene Sternberg Debbie & Craig Sukenic Jennifer & Ari Sunshine Monica & Eduardo Tanur Sharona & Jesse Ohayon The Traub Family Laura & Benjamin Weinstein Seth Weisblatt Gerald Zahler FRIENDS OF LEVINE UP TO $179 Pamela Alexander Anonymous Enav & Isaac Antebi Aviva & Gabe Austein Efrat Avraham Heather & David Behr Diana & Bradley Behringer Janet Behringer Ronit &Mordechai Ben-Porat Helene Berke Donna & Barton Bernstein Alexia & Benjamin Blumenthal Renee & Philip Borod Stacy & Jason Bruce BSN Sports

Wendy Cramer Pauline Cynkus Shirley & Bill Davidoff Rochelle & Jeffrey Derdiger Amanda & Andrew Domenico Hilary Dzodin-Kaganas & Abraham Lewinsohn Jaime & Jay Eisenberg

Andrea & Steve Eisenstein Alyson & Aaron Epstein Sharon & Carl Epstein Merav Even Samantha & Tom Fairman Megan & Ilan Fehler Sheryl & Robert Feinberg Sheila & Steven Fenyves Lynne & Joseph Fernandez Finalsite Mollye & Brian Finkelstein

Yanina &Meir Fradkin Shawn &Michael Frank Sandy Frieden & Bob Kelly Lynda Friedensohn-Feinberg & Jay Feinberg Sheila & Dirk Fruhling Marshall &Michelle Funk Family Philanthropic Fund* Barbra & Allan Furman Joy Schwartz & Timothy Gaylord Julia & James Gebhart Joanie Geffen Sarah & Brett Golman Gerrie & Gerald Gould Simone Haddad Naomi Handelman-Asoulin & Raz Asoulin- Handelman Karen &Marcos Hazan-Cohen Brettne & Andrew Hemley Courtney Hensel Deborah & Jonathan Herskovitz Kathleen Hoffman Rebecca & Fred Holloway Margaret Hunley Tobe & Arlin Goldberg Rachel & Darrin Goldin Trish Weisman & John Golin

Nili & David Bueckert Sabrina & Kevin Burck Sandra & Allan Cantor Barbara Carr-Goodman & Herb Goodman



Barry Mellman Shelly & Edward Mendelson Myra & Phil Migicovsky Barbara & Paul Mohl Cynthia & Allan Monfried The Monfried Family Marnie & Andrew Monfried Beth &Thomas Montgomery Irit & David Moyal Nafshi Lorien & Shahryer Nassi Regie Neff Oshra & Yaniv Nir Jennifer & George Nissan Becky Nurko Rachelle & Garry Okowita Deborah Outhavong Michael & Clifford Pershes Zona & Barry Pidgeon Lily &Maor Primo Estella & Joseph Raphael Gloria & Lionel Reiman Maureen Reister Barbara & David Repp Judith Reva & Rowan Campbell Rochelle Ringler Hernandez Marco Rodriguez Megan Rosenthal Wendy & Lester Rothschild Lisa & Steven Rudner Karen & Jonathan Schildkraut Sharan & Jack Schlossberg Heidi & Laurence Schoenfeld

First Presbyterian Church and The Stewpot Colette & Tal Spirer Rochelle &Mike Stahl

FRIENDS OF LEVINE UP TO $179 Myrna & Charles Ingham Beverly Bond & Stephen Ingham Stephanie Israelstam Jacqueline B and Michael G Hoffman Charitable Fund*

Hillary & Kevin Steinberg Karla & Lawrence Steinberg Arlene & David Steinfield Sheila & Larry Stern Suzanne & Gavin Subel Stephanie & Scott Sulzer Kelly & Jared Swofford Ilana &Mehrdad Tabaria Elit & Zach Tamir Beth & Seth Weinstein Daniel Taylor Stephanie & Beau Taylor Shari Tobin Jennifer & Andrew Tonini Corey Troxell Lauren & Tomer Tzafrir Rachel & Daniel Utley Jackie & Stephen Waldman Natalie &Michael Waldman

Sharmila & Deven Joshi Laurie & David Judson Linda & Garry Kahalnik Valerie & Efrain Karchmer Pamela & Robert Karpel Anna & Alex Katzman Barbara & Colin Kawalsky Betty & Fred Kenner CasSandra &Mason Kessner Eileen & Howard Kessner Frieda & Edward Khalameizer Jane Kinney

Jackie & Dustin Kirkendall Lynne & Gary Kishenbaum Melanie & Neville Kling Jennifer & Randall Kramen Larisa Kraus Liza & Gil Krengel Avivit &Moshe Ksabi Sharon Kuhr Hillary Kurtzman Talia &Michael Kushnick Anita Lawless-Felarca & Renno Felarca Madge & Hervey Levin Lauren & David Levinson Svetlana & Alexander Levkovich Beverley & Peter Lewin Lauren & Jason Lewison Colette & Jaime Lipszyc Jeremy Litton Jeanette & Jeffrey Lurie Leora Lurie-Presby Aliyah & Paul Markowitz Lynda Mc Innes Karina Navarrete & Sergio Melendez

Lynne &Mark Warshauer Deborah & David Wayne Meredith &Mark Weigelt Jodi Weisblatt Petty & Steven Weiss Joan Weltman Weltman-Cisneros Family Rene & Jimmy Wisch Charitable Fund* Alix & Greg Wren Odeya & Carmel Zach Jo & Jerry Zeffren

Daniella & Liron Segev Zara & Zachary Shapiro Tyler Caplovitz Dana &Mark Shidlofsky Susie Shnider Susan & Joe Shniderman Leora & Larry Short Roger Siegel Janet & Stanley Siegel

Brittany & Dan Zeltser Keren & Oded Zeltzer

* Indicates a gift made through the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation.

| THE FLAME 2018-2019

ALL GIVING 2018-2019

Yuliya Berman & Aharon Tarnavsky Brandy &Mark Wayne Wells Fargo Susan & Steven Wilkofsky Julie & Ian Wilkofsky Alix & Greg Wren Julie & Aharon Yochananov $1,000 - $1,799 Alpha and Omega Recycling Anonymous The Barnett Family Diana & Bradley Behringer Michelle & Doug Berger Jennifer &Michael Caplovitz Joanna & Brendan Cohen Karen & Andrew Cohen* Michelle & Ran Friedman Diane & Toby Gerber Kate & Daniel Goldberg Pamela & Jonathan Goldminz Eve & Edward Guth Athene &Warren Harmel* CPE Roofing, LLC David and Lorraine Hoppenstein Philanthropic Fund* Angela Horowitz & Doug French The Ike & Fannie Sablosky Foundation Nancy & Joel Knubowitz Lauren & Seth Margolies Jana & Robert Milstein Shauna & Ryan Milstein Lillian & Jon Pinkus Ruthy & Steven Rosenberg Philantrhopic Fund* Einat & Gil Sadka Leora & Larry Short Brittany & Benjamin Sokolsky Barbara & Stanley Spigel SYNLawn Texas Beth & Seth Weinstein UBS Helen & Shami Waldman Rick and Kerri Lacher Philanthropic Fund* Liz Lawlor

Andrea & Loren Weinstein Petty & Steven Weiss Bonnie & Jeffrey Whitman $500 - $999 Arona & Robert Ackermann Anonymous Gila & Noah Appel Suzanne &Moshe Azoulay Gilian & Steve Baron Alisa & Jordan Beck Behringer Investments Tara & Josh Beliak Sharon &Marc Blumberg Beverly Bond & Stephen Ingham Nili & David Bueckert CDWealth Management Carol & Howard Cohen Lauren & David Cordell Levine Academy Student Council George R. Ferguson Mollye & Brian Finkelstein Erica & David Foland Shawn &Michael Frank Edith Blanco-Frankfurt & Joshua Frankfurt Regina & Aaron Frydman Frannie & Robert Gardner Judy Glazer Ellen & Arthur Gold Tobe & Arlin Goldberg Lisa & Neil Goldberg Devorah & Zachery Goldstein Suzanne & Howard Hacker Harlan & Amy Korenvaes Family Foundation Karen &Marcos Hazan-Cohen Linda & Jeffrey Hochster Jacqueline &Michael Hoffman Derek Israelstam Diana & Gregory Krevo Levine Class of 2020 Candice & Clayton McNaught Natalie & Scott Mellman Marnie & Andrew Monfried Sherilyn & Richard Mullaney Nilly & Ruben Ovadia

The Rubin Family Foundation Staci & Paul Rubin Jackie and Steve Waldman Dina &WilliamWarshauer Laura & Ben Weinstein* $1,800 - $3,599 Carol & Steve Aaron Stacey & Andrew Behrendt Anonymous Andrea & Jonathan Blum Jaime &Michael Cohen Congregation Anshai Torah Congregation Shearith Israel Lois &Malcolm Davidson Julie & Jared Drinkwater Jacqui & Gavin Felder Fidelity Investments Michael, Sara & Talia Fisher Randy and Lisa Fleisher Philanthropic Fund* Linda & David Garner Laurie and Dan Goetz Family Fund Bonnie &Michael Grossfeld* Higher Standards Home Health IMA Linda & Garry Kahalnik Emily & Larry Kern Marcia & Jamie Kopel Charmaine Lampert Michelle & Bryan Lurie Emily & Brett Luskey Lillian & Jon Pinkus Melissa &Michael Reiman Paige & Neal Rothstein* Daniel Rothstein & Lauren Mann*

$36,000 AND MORE Dot & Basil Haymann Anonymous Ann & Nate Levine Julie &Michael Zimmermann $18,000 - $35,999 Stacey & Chuck Butler Herlitz Family $10,000 - $17,999 Janet Behringer Jodi & Yan Lemeshev Sandy & Andrew Marks Yana & Yuri Mintskovsky Tina &Marcus Orlowski The Schultz Family Jeanie Siegel $3,600 – $9,999 Anonymous Bank of America Janet & Jeffrey Beck Neil Beckerman Eden & Tom Elieff Ellen & Jack Fishpaw Goetz Family Philanthropic Fund* Kimberly & Daniel Gold Kari & David Goldberg Jennifer & Jerald Goldstein Ashley &Marc Grossfeld* Julie & Gary Haymann Joanne & Simon Hazan Nancy & Solomon Israel Mark Jaffe Veronique & Hylton Jonas Katherine Krause &Warren Zahler* Carol &Mark Kreditor*

Marilyn & Stan Rothstein Marilyn &Michael Rutner Esther & Jack Sardas Security Reconnaissance Team, Inc. Laurie & David Sokolsky Yvette & Doug Stayman Lori & Adam Stern Carrie & Todd Sternberg Samantha Lauren Sweet Scholarship Fund* Amy & Anson Switzer

Julie & Jay Liberman Marsh &McLennan Shaun & Jeremy Medows Marlo &MenachemMichaeli Mahra & Kevin Pailet Janis & Allan Peiser

Jenalee & Lee Raphael Risha & Steven Reiman Helen & Frank Risch*


ALL GIVING, CONT. 2018-2019

Sol and Estelle Barzune Endowment Fund* Rebecca & Paul Bashara

Liora & John Peiser Debbie &Marc Perlstein Pamela & Aaron Pinkus

Shirley & Bill Davidoff Sarah & Ethan Davis Rochelle & Jeffrey Derdiger Liora Dickter Hilary Dietz Amanda & Andrew Domenico Shera &Michael Dressman Amy &Michael DuBois Isabel Dzodin Hilary & Abraham Lewinsohn ECC Sunshine Fund Jaime & Jay Eisenberg Andrea & Steve Eisenstein Cindy & Brian Eltis Rachel &Michael Emmett Dia & Barry Epstein Sharon & Carl Epstein Merav Even Samantha & Tom Fairman Megan & Ilan Fehler Michelle Feinberg Sheryl & Robert Feinberg Reesa & David Feinstein Sheila & Steven Fenyves Rachel & George Ferguson Lynne & Joseph Fernandez Debra Weinberger & Steve Files Final Site Diane &Mark Fleschler Whitney & Jonathan Fleschler Yanina &Meir Fradkin Sandy Frieden & Bob Kelly Lynda Friednsohn-Feinberg & Jay Feinberg Batya & Aaron Friedman Sheila & Dirk Fruhling Marshall &Michelle Funk Family Philanthropic Fund* Barbra & Allan Furman Joy Schwartz & Timothy Gaylord Julia & James Gebhart Joanie Geffen Irene & Abe Goldberg Shira &Matthew Goldberg Rachel & Darrin Goldin Trish Weisman & John Golin

Sarah & Brett Golman Gerrie & Gerald Gould Suzanne & Jack Greenman Fred Grinnell Meredith Grossfeld Allison & Bryan Grossman Lynne &Michael Guillot Sandy & Alan Haas Simone Haddad Cheryl & Andrew Halpern Naomi Handelman-Asoulin & Raz Asoulin-Handelman Amanda & Serban Hanu Haynsworth Photography Karen & Stephen Heller Brettne & Andrew Hemley Debra & Erman Hensel Courtney Hensel Deborah & Jonathan Herskovitz Suzy & Andy Harmon Ortal & Gilad Hayim Katy & Selwyn Hill Kathleen Hoffman Rebecca & Allen Holloway Lauren & Zachary Horn Margaret Hunley Myrna & Charles Ingham Levine Academy Board of Trustees Israel Bonds Maureen & Hilton Israelson Stephanie Israelstam

BBVA Compass Drew Beckerman

Nicole & Jay Post Lily &Maor Primo

Heather & David Behr Linda & Leonard Behr Susan & Bill Behrendt Ronit &Mordechai Ben-Porat Helene Berke Varna Bernstein Donna & Barton Bernstein Nancy Rivin & Jim Bishkin Elizabeth & Stephen Blum Jenifer &Michael Blum* Alexia & Benjamin Blumenthal

Adva & Kfir Rahamim Gloria & Lionel Reiman Melissa & Brandon Richardson Jolene Risch Shani & Jeff Romick $500 - $999 Nicole Solman Rosenbaum & Steven Rosenbaum Marilyn & Stanley Rothstein* Loren Jacobson &Moises Rudelman Karen & Jonathan Schildkraut Hadar & Gadi Spiro Rochelle &Michael Stahl Jacqueline & Lloyd Stahl Lynn & Jay Staub Barbara & Arnold Stokol Strategic Wealth Management Laurie & Robert Sunshine The Walt Disney Company Foundation Tolleson Wealth Management Yael & Bar Twito Rachel & Daniel Utley The Sadie and Willie Waldman Award for Teacher Excellence* Yavneh Academy of Dallas Sara & Andrew Zimmermann UP TO $499 Miriam Ackermann Steven Adelman Pamela Alexander Mona & Artie Allen Orit & Yaniv Amsellem Anonymous Enav & Isaac Antebi Madeleine &Michael Appel Efrat Avraham Rika Barak Ehrlich & Yaniv Ehrlich Stephanie Barta

Renee & Philip Borod Nilly & Ruben Ovadia Linda & David Boyd

Elizabeth & Daniel Bracken Carol-Ann & Bill Bracken Stacy & Jason Bruce

BSN Sports Janet Bucher Sabrina & Kevin Burck Lauren Busch & Ruben Perlmutter Sandra & Allan Cantor Carr, Riggs & Ingram Barbara Carr-Goodman & Herb Goodman Karen & Christopher Cheniae Linda & David Clorfeine Farra Kahalnik Cohen &Michael Cohen Rachel & Greg Cohen Shelley &Mark Cohen Mara & Jacob Cohen Ben and Molly Cohn Memorial Library Fund* Cheryl & Randy Colen Congregation Shearith Israel Sisterhood Louise Crain Wendy Cramer Joanne & Gary Croll Pauline Cynkus Dallas Jewish Day School Fund for Communal Professionals*

Mark Jacobs Molly Jester

Sharmila & Deven Joshi Laurie & David Judson Jenna & Elan Kahalnik

Deborah Kalfon & Ronald Berzon

Valerie & Efrain Karchmer Pamela & Robert Karpel Jennifer &Mark Kashar Rachel Katav & Tomer Lankri Anna & Alex Katzman Julia & Aaron Kaufman Marcia & Seth Kaufman Barbara & Colin Kawalsky

| THE FLAME 2018-2019

CasSandra &Mason Kessner Eileen & Howard Kessner Frieda & Edward Khalameizer Jane Kinney Jackie & Dustin Kirkendall Lynne & Gary Kirshenbaum Mary Jo Kleiman & Louis Koven Krisztina & Geil Klein Melanie & Neville Kling Ilene & Donald Knubowitz Maria & Angel Kosfiszer Jennifer & Randall Kramen Larisa Kraus Laura Kreditor Liza & Gil Krengel Amelia & Ari Krupnik Eve &Moshe Ksabi Sharon Kuhr Hillary Kurtzman Pamela &Matthew Kurtzman Jane & Howard Leader Genny & Yuri Lemeshev Madeleine & Hervey Levin Levine Academy Stallions Soccer Team Lauren & David Levinson Svetlana & Alexander Levkovich Laura & Barry Levy Debbi Levy Rothschild & Barry Rothschild Beverley & Peter Lewin Wendy & Stephen Lieman Aviva Linksman Colette & Jaime Lipszyc Rabbi Jeremy Litton Juliana Lopez-Klein & Jason Klein Elaine &Michael Lowenkron Leora Lurie-Presby Jeanette & Jeffrey Lurie Jan Luskey Larry Luskey Augustus Lyons Lynne & Allen Majefski Megan & Kevin Maldonado Alla & Vitaly Margulis Aliyah & Paul Markowitz Talia &Michael Kushnick Erin & Leeron Laizerovich Anita Lawless-Felarca & Renno Felarca

Lynda Mc Innes Barry Mellman

Megan Rosenthal Jen Roslund

Ilana & Jonathan Swerin Kelly & Jared Swofford Ilana &Mehrdad Tabaria Elit & Zach Tamir Monica & Eduardo Tanur Daniel Taylor Stephanie & Beau Taylor Sharona & Jesse Ohayon Shari Tobin Jennifer & Andrew Tonini The Traub Family Corey Troxell Lauren & Tomer Tzafrir Sandra & David Veeder Katherine Veeder & Michael Hutshneker Natalie &Michael Waldman Marcia & James Walsh Karli Ward Lynne &Mark Warshauer Deborah & David Wayne Meredith &Mark Weigelt Tzivia & Daniel Weinstein Andrea and Loren Weinstein Philanthropic Fund* Jodi Weisblatt Rob Weiss Ellen & Robert Weiss Joan Weltman The Weltman-Cisneros Family Kate Williams Rene & Jimmy Wisch Charitable Fund* Susie & Ellis Wolbe Odeya & Carmel Zach Gerald Zahler Ethel Zale Jo & Jerry Zeffren Brittany & Daniel Zeltser Keren & Oded Zeltzer Danielle & Josh Zietz Mimi & Brian Zimmerman * Indicates a gift made through the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation. All of our donor lists are accurate to the best of our knowledge as of 8.21.19. If we have made an error, please contact Kelly Jarboe Swofford at kjarboe@levineacademy.org to help us update our information .

Shelly & Edward Mendelson Malcolm and Gillian Menter Philanthropic Fund* Binky & Adrian Meyer Shari & Lewis Meyers Myra & Phil Migicovsky Sheryl & Howard Mintz Barbara & Paul Mohl Cynthia & Allan Monfried Beth &Thomas Montgomery Irit & David Moyal Mark Mullaney & Jonathan Palant Nafshi Meryl & Scott Nason Lorien & Shahryer Nassi Regie Neff Oshra & Yaniv Nir Jennifer & George Nissan Becky Nurko Rachelle & Garry Okowita Josh, Lenny, and Rafi Parens Michael & Clifford Pershes Sandy Phillips Zona & Barry Pidgeon Samantha & Jared Pinkus Ben Post Stephanie & Daniel Prescott Janine & Charles Pulman Sylvia & Glenn Rabin Ramco Renovations Lisa Rapfogel & David Ostroff Estella & Joseph Raphael Alyssa Reiman & Leon Jacobson Maureen Reister Barbara & David Repp Judith Reva & Rowan Campbell Maayan & Charles Richman Jessica & Adam Ringgenberg Rochelle Ringler Hernandez Melissa & Darrell Robins Marco Rodriguez Lilach & Amichai Ron Evelyn & Andrew Rosemore Rebecca & Jonathan Rosen Felice Rosenfeld Teresa & Lance Rosenfield Sheila & Jeff Orkin Deborah Outhavong

Suellen & A.J. Rosmarin Beverly & Cary Rossel Suellen Rothschild & John Miller Wendy & Lester Rothschild Keisha & Alan Rubin Lisa & Steven Rudner Elaine &Morris Rutchik Karen & Kenneth Saland Ilene & Steve Sanders Jill & Stephen Saravay Sharan & Jack Schlossberg Heidi & Laurence Schoenfeld Katherine & Andrew Schultz Howard Schultz Jodi & Randall Schultz Nonie &Melvin Schwartz Lauren & Brad Schweig Daniella & Liron Segev Zara & Zachary Shapiro Share Your Wish, LLC Dana &Mark Shidlofsky Samantha & Robert Shiller Susie Shnider Susan & Joe Shniderman Janet & Stanley Siegel Roger Siegel Henry Siewert Joan & Jerry Skibell First Presbyterian Church The Stewpot Marissa & Rob Solls Colette & Tal Spirer Shana & Derek Staub Sara Stavchansky Deborah &Myron Stayman Andrea & Brett Steiger Karla & Lawrence Steinberg Hillary & Kevin Steinberg Arlene & David Steinfield Hilary & Josh Stern Sheila & Larry Stern Marlene Sternberg Debbie & Craig Sukenic Kimberlee & Brett Strumwasser

Suzanne & Gavin Subel Stephanie & Scott Sulzer Jennifer & Ari Sunshine


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