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GAME FEEDS The Superior Feed for Pheasants, Partridges and Ducks

Partridge Finisher Pellets 2.5mm 18% Follow on from Grower pellets, mini- size, high protein pellet which is non- medicated. Maintenance Pellets 3.0mm or Mini-Size Pellets 2.5mm 14% Complete non-medicated diet to maintain birds in peak condition and hold on feed rides for the season. Duck Starter Crumbs 19.5% Non-medicated feed suitable for day-old to three-week-old ducklings. Provides best possible start in life. Duck Rearer Pellets 3.0mm 17.5% High energy pellets provide oils essential for the feathering of young ducks prior to going to water. Duck Maintenance Pellets 3.0mm 14% Complete, non-medicated diet for ducks to maintain the birds in peak condition. Treatment for Gapes Failure to provide adequate protection from worms can result in poor condition and distressed birds. Flubenvet can be added to game feed on request. Supplements Chick flint grit. Oyster shell. Grower/poult flint grit.Whole maize. Cut maize. Feed wheat. Bartholomews Ground Feed Mixture Well proven, economical and palatable mixture for use at selected times during the shooting season to entice birds into shooting areas and reduce straying.

Pheasant Breeder Pellets 3.0mm 18% Finely balanced quality feed of high protein combining correct levels of vitamins and minerals. Partridge Mini Breeder Pellets 2.5mm 20% A high-energy feed, formulated specifically for partridges, in a mini-sized pellet. Super Fine Crumbs 29% For day-old partridges and pheasants, high protein, super-fine crumb to encourage consumption. Super Starter Crumbs 29% Ideal for day-old pheasant and partridge chicks with high protein, vitamin and mineral specification. Chick Crumb 26% Follow on from Super Fine and Super Starter, suitable and small enough for day- old pheasants. Chick Micro Pellets 2.0mm 24% Micro-sized pellets, ideal to convert pheasant and partridge chicks from crumbs to pellets. Grower Mini Pellets 2.5mm 21% Follow on fromMicro Pellets, high protein and energy for strong, healthy, well- feathered poults. Rearer Pellets 3.0mm 19% Recommended for pheasant poults going to wood, balance of protein, vitamins and minerals. Poult Pellets 3.0mm 16% Follow on from Rearer, incorporating game spice/flavour to help keep pheasant poults on feed rides.

For further details and information on all our Game Feed range, please contact: Craig Coughtrey Game Feed Manager Tel: 01243 784171 Mobile: 07970 292 211 Sales Support Tel: 01243 755640 Email: or


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