Gamecover Seeds Handbook 2016 Email


• Know your soil conditions. Regular sampling is the best way to keep it in good condition and ensure crop performance. • Wherever practical/available, always use FYM on your cover areas. Not only is it a good nutrient source, it also provides a valuable source of organic matter to help maintain soil structure. • Remove any areas of compaction, whether caused by vehicles, foot traffic or poor drainage. Dig holes to assess the problem in known areas and use appropriate methods to relieve any compaction found. • Ensure thorough mulching of previous crops. This makes residues easier to plough in and helps to speed the decomposition process. • Plough a minimum depth of 6 inches, leaving a clean, level surface to work with. • Please remember to observe all the relevant Cross Compliance guidelines that are now applicable. GAEC, NVZ and SMRs are all still applicable to cover crops.


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