Fire Prevention Week is coming up, and this year Fire Prevention Canada and the Canada Safety Council are reminding us that every home should be protected with working smoke alarms. cheaper and it is also the kind most often dis- armed because of nuisance false alarms. Try installing a better quality photoelectric alarm. Contact your local re department to arrange a visit from a re prevention ofcer who will show you the best spots for your home’s smoke detectors. Make sure it works: your smoke alarm can save your life

Avoid smoking in bed. You just have to doze off for a few minutes for your cigarette to end up on the sheets. Keep all items related to smoking out of the reach of children. Ashtrays, matches, and lighters should always be left in a safe place. Flammable items that have not been used for several months, such as cans of paint and sol- vent, should be discarded in an appropriate a false sense of security.” Whether your home smoke alarms are powered by batteries or your home’s electrical system, make sure they are updated every 10 years, tested monthly, and outtted with fresh batteries on a yearly basis. WHY IS MY SMOKE ALARM SO FUSSY? Fire Prevention Canada says that disarming an alarm is a mistake that can cost lives. There are other options that won’t put your family’s lives in danger. If making toast or taking a shower sets off your alarm regularly, try mov- ing the detector to a spot just outside the kitchen or bathroom. Ionization alarms are especially responsive to fast-burning materials, such as burning fat, newspaper, and paint. This type is generally

Many re fatalities occur at night, when people are sleeping and fail to notice smoke as an indication of re in their home. If there is no alarm to wake them, they will literally never know what hit them. One of the great frustrations of reghters everywhere is to see home smoke alarms dis- armed or removed from their ceiling anchors. As the Canada Safety Council says, “A dead unit is worse than none at all — it can give you

OCTOBER 5 TO 11, 2014 Valuable tips for preventing !res Fire destroys everything in its path, including precious memories and lives. Here are a few prevention tips to help you and your family avoid becoming re victims.

manner. Most municipalities have a depot site for such materials. The same also goes for all those piles of paper left lying around — recycle them. Lastly, the most logical rule of all is to keep highly dangerous products, such as gasoline and propane containers, outside the home. This type of product should never, under any circumstances, be stored inside your home.

The golden rule? Have a smoke alarm that is in good working order on every floor of the home, especially near bedrooms. Test them on a monthly basis and change the batteries once a year. Did you know that the majority of re deaths occur at night? Victims rarely succumb to the ames; rather, smoke inhalation is responsible for most of these fatalities. MAURICE GUÉRIN RÉPARATION

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