Flower's House Booklet 2022

The House System

Boarding Staff

When a boy starts at Christ’s College, he also becomes a member of a smaller community – his House. Christ’s College has 10 Houses, seven for dayboys and three for boarders. The dayboy Houses are Condell’s, Corfe, Harper, Jacobs, Julius, Rolleston and Somes. The boarding Houses are Flower’s, Richards and School. These Houses are more than just physical spaces where boys live or congregate. Within each House, lifelong friendships are formed, a solid work ethic is nurtured, teamwork is fostered and leadership is promoted. Whether in academic, sporting or cultural activities, every boy within each House is able to make, and be recognised for, his contribution.

The Housemasters of the three boarding Houses are responsible for the welfare of all boys in their respective Houses. They are all academically qualified and full-time members of the academic teaching staff. They are each assisted by a Deputy Housemaster, a Matron, Residential Tutors and Non-Residential Tutors. All of these staff live in the House or onsite. The Matron lives in the boarding House and has overall responsibility for housekeeping, medical matters, uniform and laundry. All medical matters are the concern of the Matron and, if necessary, she refers boys to the College Health Centre. Any medication brought to College must be given to Matron for issuing and safekeeping. Matron must be advised of any significant medical history prior to the start of Term 1. Housemasters, Deputy Housemasters, Residential Tutors and Non-Residential Tutors formally supervise the boys throughout the week and at weekends, as well as help with excursions and other activities within the community. This includes the supervision of the weekend Boarding Programme activities. The Assistant Princpal – Boarding and Immerse & Inspire oversees boarding at Christ’s College, ensuring high standards and that a consistent approach is taken in the Boarding Houses. He is also the link for boarding to the Executive team at Christ’s College.

11 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

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