Flower's House Booklet 2022

Master on Duty

Student Voice

The Master on Duty is the staff member who is formally rostered to care for the boys in a boarding House at any given time. If parents wish to contact a person on duty during the week (up until 6.30pm), it is best to call the Housemaster direct. The Master on Duty (and duty phone) operate from 6.30pm–11pm during the week and from 7am–11pm at the weekends. Boys are encouraged to use these numbers to keep in close contact with the staff member on duty, particularly if there has been a change in leave arrangements or they are running late returning to their boarding House. Parents can use these numbers to pass a message on to a boy if their son is not directly contactable. Flower’s House Duty Phone +64 274 489 0132 Richards House Duty Phone +64 274 489 0134 School House Duty Phone +64 274 489 0135

The Head of Boarding oversees two boarding committees. First, is the Leadership Committee made up of the Head of Boarding and the three Heads of Houses. Second, is the Boarding Committee, with members from all year levels from all three Houses. It aligns with other committees within the school, taking suggestions and ideas from across the boarding community. The committee then works towards a solution to any new initiatives.


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