Flower's House Booklet 2022



A goal in boarding at Christ’s College is to have all boys happy and adhering to House routines, as well as fulfilling their potential by making the most of the opportunities on offer. The reality is that, at times, this will not be the case, which means there will be consequences for boys’ actions. In these situations there is a discipline model that all three Houses adhere to in terms of punishments handed out. Sitting alongside this discipline model is an emphasis on educating the boys on character to help themmake responsible choices. It is a case of treating these moments as teachable opportunities, with an emphasis on a restorative process where appropriate. Your son’s Housemaster will go through the discipline model in detail on their arrival so they are aware of the expectations and boundaries in the boarding House.

All Year 9 students spend the first two weekends staying in and are involved in a variety of orientation activities during this time. The aim of these activities is to ensure as smooth a transition as possible into boarding life for your son. More details on this programme will be communicated to parents prior to the beginning of the year.

13 – Christ’s College Flower’s House

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