Syllabification from a Sycophant


his balance. “That’s how this show started,” quipped Hardy. “It’s rather funny to see someone dropping things and falling over, so why not make people laugh about it!” Hardy first started out with three people and played a couple of shows. “It’s moreMr. Bean, Monty Python style,” explainedHardy. “It’s all silly nonsense stuff. We start out with a lady sweeping the floor and we have a can-can as part of the show. It’s musical madness.” Although the show is not bilingual, it is appealing for both languages, and all ages. “I speak Cockney for a lot of it, and the trans- lator tries to keep up,” laughed Hardy. “He usually just throws his hands up in the air.” More from Participation Music Hall Theatre Hardy is involved in several shows co- ming up in the area including Syllabification from a Sycophant starring Bob’s Favourite Hospital, on Friday, September 25 at 7 p.m. at the Priest’s Mill Historical Building, 3rd floor, 8 Main Street South in Alexandria.

What is Syllabification froma Sycophant ? It is a silly, nonsensical mixture of ragtime, comedy and visual effects that will enter- tain audiences of all ages. Syllabification froma Sycophant , starring David Sauvé as M. Le Traducteur, is brought to the theatre in association with HUGO Mobility and La PlumeModerne.The show has been produced by Robert Hardy who also writes scripts, does some songs, and cleans the floors. Hardy was born in England, immigrating to Canada in 1980, and now living in Alexan- dria. He has been involved in music since 1962 starting out with the clarinet. He played professionally from1968 to 1980. Hardy has toured in Europe as a tenor saxophone player andmost recently has played classical music with the Czech Philharmonic. Hardy has played everything from clas-

sical, to Soul, R&B, rock’n roll, and rag- time. He has per- formed just about everywhere from Wembley Stadium to cruise ships. He enjoys a silly sense of humour, and loves to make people laugh. When Hardy

This performance is featuring Laurie McRae-Bingley as Viola St. James, and is a special fundraising event for The Glengarry Memorial Hospital in Alexandria. Participation Music Hall Pro- ductions will also

The ParticipationMusic HallTheatre Productions of Syllabificationwill have audiences participating in a delectable, delightful, delirious compilation of demographic defying music, and explore the new era of music and the Kazoo. The performance includes Robert (Bob) Hardy on clarinet, Katie Ditschun, vocals, percussion and kazoo, Ian McIntosh on ukulele and guitar, and Willard (Bill) Riley on tuba, cornet and «out of tune singing».

became ill in 1996, he created a bucket list that included recording and performing Fifth Day Suite. He did that along with two other CDs. In May of 2010, Fifth Day Suite was per- formed by Toronto Philharmonic, conducted by Kerry Stratton, to an audience of 800. And then he got sick again and created another bucket list. The new list included perfor- ming music and making people laugh. He found it difficult to get around without losing

be showing Downtown Abbey Christmas Special at the NAV Centre in Cornwall on Thursday, November 26 at 7 p.m. Every one of Participation Music Hall Productions shows have been sold out to date. Syllabification from a Sycophant will be showing at the AubergeMontebello, 676, rue Notre-Dame inMontebello, onWednesday, August 26 at 7 p.m. More information can be found at or by calling 819-423-0001 or 613-525-9943.


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Manon Séguin sur les ondes de TV5 Les admirateurs de la chanteuse originaire de L’Orignal Manon Séguin pourront visionner son pas- sage à l’émission Les coups de cœur d’Alain Morisod, Spécial Québec , diffusée à TV5, le samedi 15 août prochain, dès 20 h. L’enregistrement a eu lieu en Suisse, en février dernier, et sera enfin présenté sur les ondes canadiennes. Elle y interprétera les succès du groupe Sweet People, aux côtés de plusieurs noms bien connus de la chanson francophone, dont Mario Pelchat, Jean-Fran- çois Breau et Patrick Norman. C’est donc un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer pour les mélomanes. – Alexandra Montminy

If an hour of your time could « save a life or

change a life « Would you find the time?

WED., AUG. 19, 2015

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7 p.m.

Anglican Church Hall Vankleek Hill (beside the Higginson Tower)

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Contact Caroll Carkner Reality Tour is a volunteer-driven substance abuse prevention program presented to parents and their children (ages 10-17). Please join us to further discuss implementing this award-winning National Project of CANDLE, Inc. in Champlain Township this fall 2015.



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