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Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Aug. 16 celebrates National Roller Coaster Day, a day set aside to celebrate the thrills in amusement parks as well as the thrills we seek and experience in our everyday lives. For me, I’d say I’m moderately adventurous and have experienced some fantastic adrenaline rushing moments in my life. I love roller coasters, have been tandem skydiving, and went zip lining across the gorge of Victoria Falls in Africa. The interesting thing for me, however, is that while I get a thrill with adrenaline rushing through my body from skydiving or zip lining, I also love the experience of something new and just being there in the moment. Visiting Victoria Falls was a bucket list item for me, somewhere I’d always dreamed of going, and simply taking in the views got my heart racing. My skydiving experience, however, was on another level. I and another staff member, Jan, decided to cross this one off of our bucket list and interestingly enough, I really wasn’t too freaked out about it, even though they make the risk extremely blunt and apparent when you sign waivers and watch introductory videos before going up in the airplane. On the way up, we were joking with the tandem skydiving instructors, and it was all fun and games until you watch the person before you jump out and see them drop out of sight so quickly.

don’t have to go on a roller coaster to find a thrill. In fact, for some people, their inner ear wouldn’t be too keen on the idea. Whether it be trying out a new restaurant, going to a party, taking up a new hobby, or vacationing somewhere new, taking a leap of faith and dabbling a bit outside of your comfort zone can be extremely rewarding, and the best part is that you can start off small. As your physical therapist, I certainly don’t want you taking my advice and skateboarding with a broken leg — I’m all about safety. I’m the type of person who will only go on the roller coasters that are well-maintained at theme parks. I avoid the “just put together yesterday” contraptions at the traveling carnivals. And on that note, if you are a thrill seeker, keep in mind that not everyone is an adrenaline junkie, and you shouldn’t push them to do something they aren’t comfortable with. It’s all about small steps. Cruising through life is just like riding a roller coaster — it has its ups and downs, and sometimes, it will throw you for a loop. But one thing is for sure: It will never allow you to just coast at a steady pace forever. It will constantly surprise you.

It all became so real in that moment, but before I had the chance to really think about it, I was already out of the plane, soaking in the thrill of that moment and enjoying the ride of a lifetime. But the beauty of taking risks is that you

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