Shelter in Place Poetry


Exhibitor Name: Purnima Sreenivasa

Division: Poetry

Class: 01 Shelter in Plac


I tweet on New Year’s Day 2020

That a pandemic is coming…!

Only one retweet, a few views…

I wonder why?

The Cov19 is across the river in Wuhan

A virus is out in the wilds!

Soon, the twitter is full of tweets on the contagion

I knew, I wish someone had seen my tweet, I claim!

The war is raging, the caskets are filling…

People masked and asked

My children are now zoom experts fast forward.

For work or play or study or fun…

Zoom, YouTube are some of their favorite things!

My friends now make and donate masks..

Nextdoor is filled with newbie gardeners!

We stay home, six feet apart, unmasked…

Our pets are surprised why we pamper them so much now!

We flatten the curve, we cook and clean and finish undone tasks…

Takeouts are great, queues are normal!

We have chained freedom, we protest, agree, argue…

Jobs gone, food scarce, deaths common, life short!

We pray, sing, clap, cry, laugh, cheer, hate, survive …the secrets of shelter in place!

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