The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)

This Peer-to-Peer learning process is led by certified Learning Enablers whose role is to skillfully facilitate the 90 minute learning sessions and foster deep meaning-making on the module topics together with their colleagues. This Peer-to-Peer learning is designed to create a learning culture by spreading learning throughout an organization. It also provides a unique learning labora- tory for the development of both future and existing leaders.

from the Harvard Business Review de- scribes how general managers at Apple spend approximately 30% of their time learning and 15% of their time teaching. This dedication to learning and teaching has been central to their on-going success. If learning and teaching are such essential leadership ingredients, why are they so absent in formal leadership development programs? Traditional leadership development workshops provide participants with information and insights for learning, but they seldom provide a looking glass into the phenomenon of learning itself and its intrinsic connection to leadership. Ensemble Enabler has pioneered a novel leadership development program which places learning and teaching at its core. This program builds upon our acclaimed Peer-to-Peer learning process which brings colleagues together to learn with and from each other.

How is Peer-to-Peer learning fully integrated into a leadership development initiative? PHASE 1 Design of a Learning Enabler workshop for leaders The leadership development process begins with a workshop designed to generate internal Learning Enablers within an organization. During this leadership development workshop, participants take a deep dive into the leadership issues of personality, relationships, influence, motivation and communication. State-of-the-Art diagnosis instruments (Workplace Big 5

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