The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)

ProfileTM, Strengthscope®, FIRO Business® and others) are used by Ensemble Enabler to assist participants to identify their leadership strengths and create a personal leadership development plan. PHASE 2 Leaders master the art of moderating Peer-to-Peer Sessions Unlike traditional leadership workshops, the Learning Enabler process coaches participants to lead Peer-to-Peer learn- ing sessions with their colleagues. During this process, the participants master the fine arts of facilitation (both analogue and virtual) combined with the effective use of stories and metaphors as enablers for impactful communication. PHASE 3 Leaders roll out a Peer-to-Peer learning

requirements. These topics range from from practical management know-how to championing leadership capacity in the form of emotional intelligence, trust, accountability, collaboration, decision making, etc. These newly certified Learning Enablers reap great learning benefits from facilitating learning sessions about leadership with other leaders throughout the organization.



initiative about leadership in their own organization

PHASE 4 Leaders strengthen their networks throughout their organization The final feature of this leadership devel- opment program is the advancement of an unparalleled networking opportunity. Through the invitation strategy of a Peer- to-Peer-learning initiative, Learning Enablers are teamed up with a different set of leaders from throughout the organization. By teaching other leaders in the organization, the Learning Enablers extend their personal network and strengthen their connections throughout the rest of company as well.

The leadership development process has only just begun after the formal end of the Learning Enabler workshop. Learning Enablers continue their learning journey by hosting 90 minute learning sessions with their colleagues at least once a month. There is a library of over 100 topics written by leading professors and worldwide business experts which is available on a broad spectrum of busi- ness issues. By selecting the topics key to your business and leaders, a Peer-to- Peer learning initiative is custom- designed to meet your organization's

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