The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)

This leadership development process is HYBRID n nature and mixes face-to-face participation with virtual sessions.

By building on championing two key leadership skills – learning and teaching – Ensemble Enabler has developed a highly adaptable leadership devel- opment process fitting for our VUCA- world. During this process, the leader- ship insights are gained from three perspectives: individual, team and organizational.


It unfolds in four interrelated steps all of which can be custom-tailored to the needs of a business of any size.

At the beginning of this leadership development, individual leaders learn about themselves and develop a personal leadership development plan based on their strengths. INSIGHTS ABOUT TEAM LEADERSHIP Coupled with the leader’s individual learning journey, they set out to master the skill of moderating Peer-to-Peer learning modules for colleagues throughout the organization.

STEP 1: Design the leadership experience

STEP 2: Mastery of art of face-to-face and virtual moderation of Peer-to-Peer Learning modules

STEP 3: Roll-out of leadership learning initiative


STEP 4: Cultivation of an organization’s network connectivity

Specific Peer-to-Peer learning modules topics of strategic significance to the business are chosen during this last stage to roll out the learning initiative throughout the organization. When the participants of these Peer-to-Peer discussions come from a cross-section of the business, it also serves to en- hance the network connectivity of the organization.

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