The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)


. A leader’s ability to observe and foster healthy relationships within his/her team is the focus of the second module. The last module in this 3 month scenario advocates a better understanding of the basic underlying assumptions of an orga- nization’s culture and its leadership which determine its overall health and resilience.

Two possible scenarios

But how does this novel approach operate in an actual work environment? In order to illustrate the possible use of this leader- ship development approach in a business, Ensemble Enabler has developed two conceivable scenarios. These scenarios demonstrate the flexibility of the thematic focus of such an initiative to deal with the myriad of leadership challenges facing any business. By selecting Peer-to-Peer Learning mod- ules whose focal point is leadership, the diverse perspectives of individual, team and organizational network leadership can be explored. To accommodate the busy schedule of participating leaders, these Peer-to-Peer Learning can be offered on a monthly basis to the members of the leadership development initiative .

SIX MONTH SCENARIO Highlighting key leadership competencies

These additional three Peer-to-Peer Learning modules build on the insights and know-how gained in the 3-month initial leadership development process which were briefly outlined above. The following three module topics give attention to leadership issues which are at the heart of all healthy and successful organizations. The implications of possessing a clear sense of purpose – both on a business and personal level – provides the first deep dive into effective leadership.


Fostering a healthy organization

This 3-month leadership development company’s leaders to consider organiza- tional health as a competitive advantage. An initial module reflects upon how to increase an individual leadership’s energy levels to better meet the demands of his/her daily workflow.

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