The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)


The impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Information Age and Digital Transformation compel businesses to rethink the current role of leadership and leadership development. Individual skill development is no longer sufficient to deal with the turbulence of this VUCA world. The growing need for agility has led to the realization that leadership is a team sport which requires the coordina- tion and collaboration of many leaders. Moreover, the importance of leadership lies not only at the level of a team, but increasingly at the level of the NETWORK. With information flowing at unprece-

The current model of formal leadership development generally takes place almost exclusively in a workshop setting away from an organization's offices. What is commonly the focus of these meetings? A reflection on and optimiza- tion of the individual competencies of the pre-selected leaders who are attend- ing the leadership workshop. Input for these reflections is often provided by direct reports who provide feedback and inform an individual leader's develop- ment plans. This conventional approach has been the modus operandi for the leadership development initiatives for most organizations for decades.

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