The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)

dented speed, no single person can pos- sess a complete overview of the current state of affairs in a business. Due to an environment characterized by complexity and rapidity, it is crucial for leaders to make sense of the situation by reaching out and engaging diverse perspectives. Where will these myriad of perspectives come from? Not only from within their organization but beyond its business boundaries with outside collaborators as well. As individuals we tend to be "boundedly rational". What does this mean? We base our decisions on our own personal defini- tion of the problem. This definition of a problem is constrained by the perspec- tives to which we have access. By approaching a problem from multiple perspectives instead, a problem's definitions become more diverse in nature. As a result, such a multiple perspective approach is more likely to pinpoint the core of the problem or issue. NETWORKS are required to access such multiple perspectives successfully.

The example of the camera develop- ment project launched in 2009 for Apple's iPhone7 Plus provides an excel- lent example of the power of multiple perspectives. The goal was to build a camera into the phone which could provide a "bokeh" feature - an aspect of photography which is acknowledged by professionals to be a level of the highest quality. "Bokeh" is a Japanese term referring to the pleasant blurring of a photograph's background.

In most cases. the camera team was able to technically realize this effect. How- ever a few unique technical exceptions prevented the release of the "bokeh" photographic feature. In order to resolve these persistent issues, other team mem- bers from sensor software, UX proto- typing, algorithm teams, and - perhaps most important - senior design leaders came together. With the help of the senior design leaders the team was able to define the question "What makes a beautiful picture?" . This definition helped to advise the algorithm team to pursue these guidelines. The result? An acceptable standard was achieved despite some technical exceptions and the new "bokeh" feature was included in the next iPhone release. This break- through would not have materialized

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