The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)

In this type of network, information flows through a central leader, expert or team who are located in the diagram as the hub. The spokes which emerge from the hub, all act as silos which are independent of one another. Any necessary co-ordination is directed from the hub.

From a network perspective, leadership development needs to take place in the power zones of a network, i.e. where the important interconnections of the net- work exist. This is where the greatest potential value to the organization is located. In the example of Apple de- scribed above, this power zone would include the camera team as well as the senior design leaders, sensor software and UX-Design groups. New leadership capabilities are required to nurture effective interaction between diverse groups. The science of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) reveals where these zones could be located within an organization. These maps help to identify the flow of information and energy within the networks. The following example of a network map highlights a type of network which is often found within organizations. The diagram outlines how information can flows among a set of interconnected people. This type of network is known as the HUB-AND SPOKE NETWORK. What does selection process based on NETWORK LEADERSHIP look like?

When does this type of network manifest itself?

One example is the formation of new groups after the completion of an acquisition of a business. This type of network may also originate from certain habits and behaviors, such as a strict command-and-control mindset or an individual's excessive ego. These kinds of networks generally have various negative effects on collabor- ation. Hub and spoke networks often prevent innovation by constraining the flow of information. As a result, unhealthy feedback patterns tend to emerge; only those ideas which reach the central hub are considered. The central hub also functions as a notice- able bottleneck. Timely decision making is impaired due to the overwhelming co- ordination work which is required of the central hub. A hub and spoke network in an organi- zation provides an ideal focus for lead- ership development. Leaders who are located both in the central hub and the spokes are ideal candidates for a lead- ership development initiative.

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