The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)

. workplace while concurrently enabling a team of leaders to collectively address and resolve a key business challenges. During the process of discovering viable solutions to a specific business issue, these leaders cultivate his/her personal leadership capacity in real time and skills in their own work environment. LEADERSHIP SPRINTS are by their very nature hybrid in design. They are characterized by a periodic switch between face-to-face and virtual work sessions. The business issue and/or challenge to be concentrated upon determines the pace and length of a Leadership Sprint. Moreover, each Leadership Sprint is tailored to meet both the development needs of the team members as well as the business challenge to be mastered. To support Leadership Sprints and collaboration in organizations, Ensemble Enabler has developed the practice of VISUAL ENABLING which relies on the disciplines of ONA (Organizational Network Analysis), simultaneous graphic recording, group video compilations and participatory dialogue to "visualize" what is happen- ing (or not happening) in a network zone.


Once the power network zone is identified, a leadership development process can be incorporated into the workplace. Network Leadership Development is grounded on the principle that

"Awareness is the greatest agent for change".

When the system is able to see itself, shifts happen.

How to bring leadership development back into the workplace

Ensemble Enabler has developed a hybrid approach to Network Leadership Development in order to grapple with the challenges of our VUCA World: LEADERSHIP SPRINTS. The focus of these Network Leadership initiatives are the power zones of an organi- zation's network where the maximum positive influence can be achieved within an organization. The purpose of a Leadership Sprint is to re-think how and where leadership development should take place. Leadership Sprints bring leadership development back into day-to-day

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