The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)

Why do we call this Network Leadership Development a "Leadership Sprint"?

What does a Leadership Sprint look like in practice?

Here's a quick overview of the structure of a LEADERSHIP SPRINT:

The starting point for the Network Leadership Development begins with each member of the Leadership Sprint team. The first step consists of a combination of a personal interviews with Ensemble Enabler combined an appraisal of his/her strengths. This serves to identify who each leader is when they are at their best together with their qualities and strengths. The kickoff face-to-face work Session explores the fundamentals of network leadership as well as the attributes of leading a healthy organization. During this session The business issue at the core of the network’s efforts is clarified and the goals for the next steps to be undertaken in the workplace by the leadership team are defined (or if previously defined, revisited and confirmed) The members of the leadership team collaborate on the business issue together - either virtually or on-site - until the next work session with Ensemble Enabler. In preparation for the next session, Ensemble Enabler, provides the members of the Leadership Sprint

Leadership Sprints are momentary pic- tures of the current state of the network zone. These work sessions are not day long workshops, but a form of infor- mation gathering which is collected in the moment. This is followed by reflec- tion on the meaning of the current pic- ture for both personal leadership devel- opment as well as the project's status. Like software development sprints, the team members collectively develop the next steps in order to address the oppor- tunities which have been made visible through the continuous feedback. Leadership Sprints are not necessarily limited to a one-time experience. A leadership group can convene at a later date to address a new business chal- lenge as well as build upon their ac- quired leadership skills to reach yet another level of competency. This kind of initiative can be repeated several times throughout a year to inspire and document progress.


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