The Ripple - Edition 3/2021 (Website)

Today's business challenges require a new approach to leadership. With the arrival of the digital era, a fundamental shift in the world of business has oc- curred. The familiar and traditional metaphor of a successful business as a "well-oiled machine" is not able to effectively address the broad spectrum of challenges emerging from our current VUCA world. Digital transformation has highlighted the significance and influence of net- works. The new and emerging metaphor for an organization is a "living network". The implications of this metaphor are profound for the way organizations perceive themselves as well as their unique approach to business. This new metaphor requires a mindset change in all employees but especially a trans- formational shift in how that leadership potential is cultivated throughout orga- nizations. A SHIFTING LEADERSHIP METAPHOR FOR OUR VUCA WORLD

"LEADERSHIP SPRINTS" embody a new approach to enable businesses to cham- pion these leaders within their organi- zation and engage in an agile manner with evolving changes throughout the business environment.


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