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Women in Business

By Danielle Brunelli, R.J. Brunelli & Co., LLC, Old Bridge, N.J. Reflecting on 22 Years in Retail Real Estate…


Brokers license—becoming the new broker of record for our firm.

father and mentor, Richard Brunelli, who started R.J. Brunelli & Co. 45 years ago

Sally Beauty Supply. Still inexperienced, I recall being brought to tears when I was told that the deal terms on my first lease for them “were not acceptable.” But I persisted, and ultimately, made that deal. Twenty-two years later, hav- ing completed over 130 deals on behalf of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, and represented such other great companies as Tuesday Morning, Massage Envy, European Wax Center and Zale’s, I can absolutely say that I’ve “grown up in this business.” If there are any women read- ing this who are hesitant to take that first step into com - mercial real estate, don’t be. We are born with the natural ability to juggle, express em- pathy, listen, and perform--all attributes required to be suc- cessful in this business. For me, those attributes were instrumental in what’s shaped up to be a very busy 2021, with a number of key client wins. Most notably, I reached out to Raising Cane's just before they decided to enter our market, and my ter- rific partners and I delivered a great pitch and were awarded the account. In addition to our many ten- ant representation accounts, we also service numerous landlords. In 2020, we took on leasing for the ITC Crossing Shopping Center, a 500,000 s/f power center in Northern New Jersey. My team was success- ful in recruiting new retailers to the property, renewing ex- isting tenants, and relocating others to expand their busi- ness. Timing is everything and due to the center's recent suc- cess, the owners expressed in- terest in selling. Our teamwas interviewed--including my brother and business partner, Mario Brunelli, who heads up our Investment Sales services- -and we were selected to be the Exclusive Broker to sell this powerful retail asset. Working with my great R.J. Brunelli & Co. fam - ily, which includes about 10 amazing agents, is all that I could have ever wished for. We learn and grow to- gether every day and strive to always live up to our com- pany’s motto: “exceeding our clients’ expectations." Daniel le Brunel li is president & principal of R.J. Brunelli & Co., LLC in Old Bridge, NJ. MAREJ

his has been a mile- stone year for me, both personally and

encouragement, I earned my New Jersey Real Estate Sales license at 18. But I quickly learned that commercial real estate can be a rough road for anyone, especially an 18-year-old girl in a mostly male-dominated business. I think back on my years in college at Monmouth Univer- sity, where I’d go from playing competitive tennis one day to the Las Vegas ICSC show the next. I was driven both on the tennis court and in the busi- ness arena, and never gave up. During that time, I made my first client connection with

profession- ally. In ad- dition to be- ing a mom, b r o k e r i n g dea l s , e x - panding our client base and building our compa- ny brand,

We are born with the natural ability to juggle, express empathy, listen, and perform--all attributes required to be successful in this business.

I’ve always loved a chal- lenge. Before I was 10, you could find me at dawn work - ing with my tennis coach before school. My biggest fan was also my toughest critic and greatest motivator: my

and earned a reputation as ‘New Jersey’s Premier Retail Leasing Specialist.’ To say I was extremely fortunate to have such a great teacher, would be an understatement. With his

Danielle Brunelli

after 22 years in the busi - ness, I registered for the NJ Real Estate Brokers course and obtained my Real Estate

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