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Do you feel sluggish or fatigued, as if it’s difficult to motivate yourself to get moving? Do your sore muscles or achy joints just add to that lack of motivation? If so, your body may be experiencing some physical problems. Living a sedentary life is one of the main reasonswhy people report having low energy or feeling chronic day-to- day aches. Long car commutes, desk jobs, watching T.V. once you get home from work… many people live their lives this way, with very little physical activity. While it may not seem like it is making an impact at the time, this type of sedentary lifestyle can damage your body over time. Contact Orthosports Physical Therapy today to figure out how a consistent exercise plan can

increase your energy and help you live a healthier life! Why is physical activity so important? When you don’t participate in frequent physical activity, yourmuscles begin to weaken and over time they can even begin to atrophy. Inactive lifestyles also cause joints to become stiff and can alter the physiological chemical processeswithin your body. In fact, your circulation and lymphatic systems can slow down, which can pose harmful risks. These systemswork inproducing and excreting toxic wastes (such as cholesterol) and thesewastes can build upwhen the systems aren’t functioning as efficiently as they should.

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