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3 of 2018’s Most Futuristic Gadgets


Along with a collection of short- lived resolutions, each new year brings a staggering array of

Composed of 72 LCD panels, a 20-speaker immersive surround sound system, and an optical motion tracking system powered by 10 separate cameras, Cave2 is half virtual reality, half insanely futuristic whiteboard. After donning a pair of 3-D glasses, users, namely scientists and engineers, can fully immerse themselves in whatever they want, whether it’s a visualization of data that describes our solar system or, as exhibited in a recent demonstration, a model of Chicago, complete with real-time crime data. Instead of mounting on the wall or sitting an ordinary vertical television stand, the new Bravia TV comes equipped with a stand that leans directly on the floor. There’s no visible stand or border. The processor and other essential components are all housed in its back unit. But what’s really interesting about this TV is the way it generates sound. Examining the unit, you’ll discover there’s not a single speaker to be found. Instead, Sony’s equipped the screen itself with four actuators that turn the entire screen into a sound-emitting device — a new technology called “Acoustic Surface.” A TV THAT GENERATES SOUND WITH ITS SCREEN

wild technology. Here are a few of the coolest new gadgets predicted to hit the scene in 2018. A MICROWAVE THAT DOUBLES AS A FLASH FRIDGE For a couple of years now, the Spanish-Korean company Frigondas has been developing a

microwave that, in addition to perfectly warming up your leftovers, comes equipped with the

ability to rapidly cool down foods. Not only can you use it to freeze fresh foods for later use, but you can toss a beer inside

and let it chill in just a couple of minutes.

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