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into is now on their own... with some adult supervision from the dormsupervisor, house mom, andprofessors.WELL... not forme.That isn’t how my story went at all. I took my BABY to the airport and put her on a plane in a mad rush. Headed off to Los Angeles, California with a suitcase, a backpack, her teddy bear and a dream. We got to security and she just walked away. Holy Crap. She’s just left. No 8 hour, all day long send off to college, just goodbye. Go be an adult with no dorm supervisor, house mom, no nothing. Jesus, give me strength!! I pray that I taught her enough, I pray that she will find a good church and surround herself with good people. So far so good. I just don’t get to talk to her enough. The last straw was loading up her car on a carrier to ship it across the country. Nomore watching that car drive upmy driveway with themusic way too loud. Many of you might know why she left for LA. If not, I will tell you. My baby girl, Sophie, has dancedsince shewas3. I havealways thought she was special, but now America knows. She is a finalist on Fox’s TV show, “SO YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN DANCE”. She will be gracing your TVMonday nights at 8 PMCST. It is surreal to look on theTV at a show I have watched with her for 15 years and see her dancing across the screen. One request... tune in. Watch her journey, cheer, and vote for Baby Girl Pittman. That is my Baby, growing up before the world on National TV. I am really proud of her!!

Time for back to school, shopping, getting ready for yard clean up and... FOOTBALL!!! This is a transition time for most of us. Those of you who had graduates or have had in the past will relate to this. Sending a child off to college is really tough... at least for the first kid. (I hear it gets easier with each subsequent child). Going to get the dorm room, thatWalmart shopping to decorate and get the room ready, meeting the roommate and touringwith your child... nowyoung adult. That initial goodbye is the worst. You drive away fromcampus, leavingpart of youbehind. This BABY that you have poured everything



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