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MARCH 2020

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COME IN FOR A TUNEUP And We’ll Help You Spring Into the Season

a full report. This is also a great opportunity to come in and work with members of our team you might not have had a chance to spend as much time with, like our wonderful and knowledgeable assistants, Sue and Amber. It’s important to keep up with regular body maintenance for a number of reasons, but physical therapy in particular can address a lot of unrealized physical stresses. Aside from reducing pain, here’s what physical therapy can do:

Be a great alternative to surgery or medication

This month marks Professional Physical Therapy’s 28th anniversary and our 17th year in our current building. It’s been a long and wonderful road, and it’s still stretching far in front of us, so we have every intention of continuing to walk down it! In celebration of our anniversary and the much-anticipated arrival of spring, we’re excited to announce a new opportunity available for past patients at our clinic. After a cold and dreary winter, we’re all ready for spring to get here. It’s finally time to get outside, get active again, enjoy the sunshine, and of course, get all your spring-cleaning off your to-do lists. But if you have bodily aches and pains that you’ve decided to ignore or put off until now, participating in all the activities that spring brings might be a challenge. That’s why Professional Physical Therapy is offering something new this spring. In an effort to help our past and present patients readdress their health and get into shape, we’re going to offer a series of free tuneups and check-ins. We’re taking spring-cleaning to a whole new level! We want you to come in and see us so that we can give you an examination and address any ongoing problems you might have. If you’ve been in to see us before but it’s been a while, this is a great time to reconnect with us and your physical therapy regimen. Whether you’re ready to get back on the path to recovery or you’re just feeling tight, bogged down, or a little off, we’d like to see if we can help. During our spring tuneup, we’ll open our doors so you can tell us how you’ve been feeling. We’ll take the opportunity to give you a full work-up and let you know how you can progress to the next step.

Improve your mobility, strength, and endurance

Improve your posture and spinal alignment

Help you recover from or prevent sports injuries

Improve your balance

Improve your walking and stair-climbing ability

Improve your posture and spinal alignment

Help manage pregnancy and postpartum care

Help manage vestibular conditions

We’re dedicated to helping you get your body back up to speed so you can tackle your spring-cleaning, get outside, and enjoy the sunshine. Just a little bit of self-care can go a long way in making all that happen. But best of all, we’re offering this spring tuneup completely free of charge. So check out the insert inside this newsletter for further details and don’t miss your opportunity to get checked out so you can check in to spring.

We’ll take some measurements, see how your mobility and motion are doing, test to see how you’ve been upkeeping your strength, and give you

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz

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