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Michael A.Conny I would like to thank you for your interest in the MAC Trailer family of products. As I reflect to the days of having started in business as a one man operation repairing wrecked trailers in a single bay garage, I can not lose sight of how many people then and over the years have entrusted their hauling operations to MAC Trailer. MAC Trailer has grown to be the nation’s foremost manufac- turer of dump, flatbed, drop deck, transfer, dry bulk pneumatic tank and liquid tank trailers. Between the two Alliance, Ohio Corporate offices and manufacturing plants, Aftermarket Parts, Inc. and Showroom, MAC Service, the Salem, Ohio Facility, MAC Liquid Tank Trailer in Kent, Ohio and Billings, MT Manufacturing and Parts/Service, MAC Trailer now encompasses over 668,000 square feet of facilities on campuses over 115 acres with a staff in excess of 1100 employees that services both national and international markets. We have also proudly expanded our dump line manufacturing into Oklahoma City, OK to better serve our customer’s needs. Over the years, the MAC lineup of transfer trailers has become respected as the number one choice of trailers amongst waste companies, fleet owners, bulk commodity transporters and operators who demand a more structural trailer to withstand the harsh conditions, rigors and abrasive operations typically associated with the transfer industry for the movement of MSW, C&D, medical waste, scrap, recyclables, sludge and forest and agricultural products. And, with the complementary full line of dump and platform trailers that we offer, there is a MAC for all your needs. I am proud to say the success of MAC Trailer can be attributed to a quality

product built by quality people, complemented by an experienced and knowledgeable sales staff and professional Dealer Network; supported by a full service and repair facility and complete aftermarket parts department; all committed to a higher level of customer service. My philosophy is to listen and learn from our customers and pursue continuous improvement through strong leadership and dedicated employees while providing added value in our product, FOR YOU. I invite you to experience first hand the personalization that truly solidifies the MAC difference.

A Commitment to

Technology As a manufacturer, MAC Trailer recognizes the complexity of today’s ever changing market and the necessity to make you more competitive with advanced design trailers that will reduce weights, increase payloads, maximize performance and enhance your profitability. For MAC Trailer, technology is not something you purchase, but rather have the vision and ability to create. All of us are constantly listening to YOU the customer. We are going onto job sites to better understand and witness first hand the demands of your individual application and its impact on the trailer’s design and structural integrity. With this direct and personal field knowledge, we then engineer and manufacture a product with a higher level of innovative and created technology. With such a driving force, MAC’s

commitment to always strive for the betterment and efficiencies of your

operations has been quite evident over the years. What does the future hold? We will continue to listen to you. AND MAC TRAILER WILL CONTINUE THE VISIONARY QUEST OF TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY FOR TODAY’S NEEDS.

Tipper Trailers When maximum payload is your primary objective, and you are unloading via a tipping platform, go no further, the MAC TIPPER is all about volume, low tare weight and designed for the long haul. loads of scrap, white goods, crushed cars or sand. Transfer Trailers Transfer Trailers Today material is being transported further distances and all operators are focused on maximum payloads, thus it is critical to have the greatest cubic yard capacity and lightweight in a tipper trailer. From tapered designed lengths up to 53", the MAC tipper can provide up to 148 cubic yards of volume. And, the MAC designed rear bumper and top hinged overslung gate are engineered to be compatible with all styles of tipping platforms. Built with the same structural integrity as all MAC trailers, the “MVP” smooth sided tipper configuration provides greater cubic capacity and incorporates the “MACLOCK ® ” snap together panels with a full weld along the interior joint; a design that has been engineered, built, tested and proven in Europe since the 1980’s. When your haul is best served by the advantages of a lightweight and high volume tipper trailer, contact MAC as we have the ability to produce single units or large quantities to meet your contract deadlines. Moving Floor Trailers If you are in the business for transporting large volumes of bulk commodities, then the MAC Moving Floor Transfer Trailer or Straight Truck Body will provide your operations with the greatest level of flexibility. As the nation’s leader of transfer trailers, MAC knows how critical it is to your operation to have a structural trailer or body to stand up to the aggressive conditions typically associated with the transfer industry. Whether you are transporting MSW or C&D to a landfill, bulk mulch or wood products to a wholesaler, agricultural products for unloading into a hopper, plastics to a recycle center or crushed cars-scrap-white goods to a metal reprocessing center; choose the design-construction of either the “Classic” fully welded aluminum sheet & post or the smooth sided “MVP” MACLOCK ® (MAC Vertical Panel) configuration. Then, coordinate the drive unit (leakproof or conventional) with the slat profile best suited for your application, from the smooth surface traditionally used for movement of agricultural-wood materials, the high impact designs for solid waste or the steel slat for the more robust aggressive abrasive

Multi-axle Trailers When your specification and regulatory requirement demands axle configurations from tri-axle to 8 axles, to multiple spreads and lifts or sliders, you can rely on MAC. Each trailer layout is engineered to ensure all axle positions and plumbing will meet your weight distribution and bridge law requirements. Transfer Trailers So….transporting in Canada, Michigan, New York or other geographic areas where multi-axles are a necessity to permit the heavy loads or to be compliant with Canadian SPIF, NO PROBLEM, as you can be assured we have the engineering, experience and the trailer that will have you road legal. That is why you see more owner operators and

fleets pulling the MAC Transfer Trailer. They know we know the industry and they can turn to a MAC to transport the most

extreme loads and deliver in the most demanding of conditions. DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF - put a MAC MULTI-AXLE behind you and find out first hand why MAC is the leader in TRANSFER TRAILERS.

Rear push bumper with tow hooks

Mechanical side latch

Save weight with reverse mount dollies

Split air flow gate - Solid/mesh combo

Full interior sidewall liner option

Packer latch with split door feature

Tailgate V–block

Galvanized Paddle latch Quad cam locks

Sliding air ride suspension

Door in door – cone and bushing

Moving Floor Transfer Trailers


Drop Deck Moving Floors and Drop Deck Tippers

When maximum payload is your primary objective, and you want to maximize your performance and enhance your profitability look no further than the MAC Drop Deck Moving Floor or MAC Drop Deck Tipper. These light weight, high volume trailers have many enhanced features with the same strength and engineering excellence that you have come to expect from MAC Trailer! • 156+ cy capacity • Ideal for lightweight per Cubic Yard materials such as Recyclables, woodchips and MSW. • State of the art Keith Walking Floor® Drive unit. • Available Tipper and moving floor configurations.

• Heavy duty construction. • Multiple tailgate options. • The new MAC Moving Floor and Tipper Trailers allow you to Maximize your load where maximum capacity is needed. Maximum Load = Maximum Operational Profit. • Multiple Axle Configurations As a manufacturer, we are constantly striving for ways to improve the products that we provide to the marketplace by an enhanced design, operational feature or alternative component- materials that will improve fuel economies, maximize performance, increase payloads, generate greater profits and protect your investment.


MAC Man Door

Air Flow Gate

“MVP” MACLOCK Smooth Side Panel

Low Bow Top Rail



Moving Floor

Equipped with Aggregate and Asphalt Proven Horizontal Unloading Technology with Keith Walking Floors Transfer Trailers What does it mean to purchase a MAC Waste Trailer? It means you can increase your payload, improve safety and reduce maintenance on your trailer with the Keith Walking Floor Aggregate & Asphalt proven horizontal unloading technology. Controlled & Safe Unloading - Poses no risk of tipping or hitting overhead power cables. - Unloads on uneven ground, steep grades and on banked corners. - Metered discharge. - Unload partial loads. Steel V-Slat Design - Long lasting high-wear steel flooring.

- J-Bearing provides full-length bearing support. - Slat, bearing and sub-deck combination designed for maximum impact. Versatile Unloading Solutions - Unload sand, aggregate, rock and asphalt with the same trailer. - Deliver partial loads or unload at multiple locations. - Operates in tunnels, under bridges and overpasses. - Superior clean-out with V-SWEEP™ means no load contamination. Boosts Bottom Line - More Capacity than comparably sized tipper or belt trailer. - Increased payload means fewer trips, saving time and fuel. - No more trailer tip overs or belt replacements. Clean Out - KEITH V-SWEEP™ System cleans floor & walls as trailer unloads. Safety - No tipping risk or risk of coming into contact with electrical lines. Repair

- Easy access to hydraulics; not necessary to unload to inspect or repair. Maintenance - No daily maintenance; contains few moving parts. Durability - Floor slats are designed to absorb wear and impact of aggregate & asphalt. Versatility - Move diverse products in same trailer; can unload at multiple locations. Loads & Unloads - Move load forward after partial discharge, axle load.

MAC Trailer Sales Inc. 14504 Commerce St. Alliance, OH 44601 855.204.7854 New & Used Trailer Sales

MAC Trailer Manufacturing Inc. Corporate Office & Manufacturing 14599 Commerce Street Alliance, OH 44601 800.795.8454 Dump, Straight Trucks

MAC Refuse Inc. 2360 W Main St. Alliance, OH 44601 234.214.6420 Transfer Tippers, Movers Chipper Trailers

MAC Manufacturing Inc. 1453 Allen Road Salem, OH 44460 855.884.2252 Flatbed, Drop Deck Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tanks

MAC Trailer Aftermarket Parts Inc.

12241 Rockhill Ave. Alliance, OH 44601 800.647.9424 Parts for All Trailer & Tank Types

MAC Trailer Texas 5810 E. State Highway 114 Haslet, TX 76052 817.900.2006

MAC Trailer Oklahoma 8304 McKee Industrial Road Davis, OK 73030 580.448.4900

MAC LTT Inc. 1400 Fairchild, Kent, OH 44240 (Mfg., Service and Parts) 855.662.2588 Liquid Tank Trailers

MAC Service Inc. 14504 Commerce St. Alliance, OH 44601 800.297.7986 All Trailer & Tank Types R Stamp

MAC LTT Manufacturing 1430 Highway 87 East Billings, MT 59101 406.252.7163 Liquid Tank Trailers

With over 668,000 square feet of facilities, a campus of 106 acres and more than 1100 employees all working for you, MAC Trailer has become the nation’s foremost manufacturer of Pneumatic tank trailers, Liquid tank trailers, Dump trailers and Straight truck bodies, Flatbed and Dropdeck trailers, and Transfer trailers.


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