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I know I say it a lot, but it’s hard to believe we’re closing in on the fourth quarter of the year! It seemed like summer just flew right by. The kids are already back in school and playing fall sports. Conner is getting into soccer, while Spencer is playing tackle football for the first time. He had played some flag football in the past, so it’ll be a change of pace, for sure. Spencer is about the same age I was when I played tackle football for the first time. His mom is a little nervous about it, but I think once he has a few games under his belt, she’ll feel better about it. I know I will! Over the summer, our family didn’t do much trip-wise. We had planned to stick close to home, and that’s exactly what we did. It’s not the most exciting, but we do have a family trip planned for the fall. At some point in October, we’re going to head out to … somewhere! We haven’t settled on a destination just yet, but we’re thinking somewhere fun where we can make plenty of wonderful memories. And, if we hit the road as a family, we’ll be extra prepared. The lease on my wife’s Impala was up this summer, and we felt it was time to change things up. She really liked the Impala, but decided to move on to the ’18 Traverse, which will be perfect for both boys. We’ll be able to pack in the kids, their friends, all their sports

equipment, chairs, coolers — you name it! It’s going to be a great addition to our family.

There are a lot of great products in the pipeline through the rest of the year and into next year. We’re excited to get new vehicles on the lot and share them with you! We’re so excited, in fact, that we already have everything ready for our October open house! It’s going to be a good one, and you can find more information about the event on Page 4. -Todd Thurston We look forward to seeing you then, and in the meantime, I hope you have a great start to fall!

At the Hare Truck Center, we not only had a great first half of the year, but that momentum continued through the summer. The lead times are getting longer for body companies, as well as the chassis companies — there are just so many orders. Sometimes I wonder how we keep up with it all. We’ve already begun to reach out to many of our customers to help them start planning for their spring vehicles. Based on what we saw this year, we’re anticipating a big demand going into the spring months of 2019. We want to make sure wait times are minimized and that everyone has what they need when they need it.

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