Spotlight on Women in STEM

Valentina Kretzschmar

Vice President, Climate Risk and Strategy Consulting - Wood MacKenzie

I was adamant to succeed on my own as an energy professional, and have, therefore, often been reluctant to engage with mentorship for women in the early stages of my career.”

Reflecting on my 25-year journey in the energy sector, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges and opportunities that come with being a woman in a predominantly male field. Starting as one of only three women in a class of 25 , I've continually found myself in the minority, a testament to the structural issues within the industry regarding gender diversity. It's clear that the Oil and Gas sector hasn't traditionally been attractive to women, and lately, it's struggling to appeal to both genders due to its tarnished image in the face of climate change pressures.

Throughout my career, I've questioned what significant changes have occurred and what actions have been taken to address these longstanding issues. The repetitive conversations over decades highlight a critical need for societal shifts, particularly in encouraging girls to pursue engineering and other STEM fields.



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