Spotlight on Women in STEM

When you are put in a position of discomfort, you need to evaluate whether you really want this.”

This balance taught me that gender is important, but it’s equally important not to dwell on it. It's about focusing on the contribution each individual brings to the table. The importance of role models in this journey cannot be overstated. Having someone to look up to, to see what success looks like, has been crucial for me.

It's about having clarity of what you want and what you aspire to become. Clarity of purpose. And through it all, I've learned that it's okay to pivot, to take a career change or explore new avenues. Such decisions aren't admissions of failure but rather a testament to the courage to follow one's true path. After all, if you want it bad enough, you find a way to make it work. This mantra has not only helped me navigate my career but also ensured that the networks I join within the industry are truly beneficial, reinforcing the idea that it’s ok to be selective.

The importance of having a role model is crucial. You need to be able to see what success looks like.”



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