Spotlight on Women in STEM

Zaidah Ibrahim Independent Non Executive Director, Hibiscus Petroleum Bhd, Former ExxonMobil Senior Executive In the heart of Malaysia, where acceptance and diversity are woven into the very fabric of the culture, my journey up the corporate ladder has been less about the accolades and more about the personal growth and the legacy I wish to leave behind. that achievement is about leaving behind a legacy of what you’re remembered for. Integrity, caring, and nurturing, rather than just meeting targets or numbers. I've always believed

I often reminded myself that when you are put in a position of discomfort, you need to evaluate whether you really want this. It was a question of perseverance and clarity of purpose, of understanding what I truly aspired to become. In Malaysia, I've seen significant strides in gender equality, especially in leadership positions. At Exxon Malaysia, for example, there's an equal split in leadership roles between genders, a testament to the country's progressive culture. There have been moments along my path filled with discomfort and challenges, prompting me to reflect deeply.

Gender is important, but it’s equally important not to dwell on it.”



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