Spotlight on Women in STEM

Emi Rice-Oxley

Independent Non-Executive Director of Hibiscus Petroleum Bhd and ex-Vice President Exploration, Upstream Petronas

Some people are unaware of the bias they hold, and companies need to have the appropriate support in place to mitigate this.”

My journey in the global energy sector has been one of resilience, leadership, and a constant push against the boundaries of the possible. With 35 years under my belt, I've had the privilege of driving profitable growth and leading transformative initiatives that have not only advanced Petronas' global presence but have also shaped the industry's approach to talent development and inclusivity. Throughout my career, I've shared insights and advice that reflect my commitment to fostering a supportive environment. I firmly believe in the need for support systems that dismantle the

stigma and biases women encounter in our field. Despite never having a formal mentor myself, I've come to appreciate the profound impact mentorship can have. It's crucial for companies to recognise and address unconscious biases,



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