Spotlight on Women in STEM

providing the necessary support to navigate them.

The opportunities are there!". Always seize opportunities with

My experiences have taught me the invaluable lesson of believing in myself, especially after being named the 2019 Female Executive of the Year. I remember doubting my own worthiness, continuously checking the website and wondering: Do I really deserve this? This moment was a turning point, reinforcing the importance of self-confidence and acknowledgment of my achievements.

confidence and determination.

I would also like to stress the importance of networking. I view it not just as a professional tool but as a long-term investment in relationships that can significantly benefit your career down the line.

My advice to others, especially women in our field, is simple yet powerful: "Go for it!

There needs to be the appropriate support in place that allows women to feel safe and take away the stigma in the industry. It is a principle I stand by, ensuring that gender never serves as a barrier to success.



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