2021-2022 Annual Report

A LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY from the Head of School and the President of the Board of Trustees

Dear Levine Community, This was a breakthrough year for Ann & Nate Levine Academy — one of exceptional quality, exciting innovation, elevated school spirit, and extraordinary community support. The Levine Academy faculty, staff, and board culminated a multi-year accreditation process, catapulting the school to the top tier of independent schools throughout our six-state region. On June 7, 2022, Levine Academy received unanimous approval for full membership in ISAS, the Independent School Association of the Southwest. The new accreditation will mean securing the best support for advancements in governance, education, administration, and inclusivity. ISAS membership also lifts the prestige of Levine Academy; we now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best schools in Dallas. Indeed, when it comes to achieving top educational quality, ISAS membership has already provided Levine Academy with a comprehensive report from school leaders and faculty members from peer institutions. Fellow educators comprised the ISAS visiting committee which read through Levine’s Self Study Report, visited the school over a four-day period in November of 2021, and issued a 62-page analysis, which confirms the many strengths of Levine’s programs and offers expert guidance to move our school to its next level of excellence. Complacency is certainly not our mode. Rather, Levine Academy is constantly evolving — key to our moving forward for the benefit of our students’ learning is our expanding network of institutional partnerships. From the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, to the Perot Science Museum, to Texas A&M AgriLife Center, to Texas Wildlife Association, and more on the horizon, we are connecting our students to the sciences, technologies, and humanities in ways that bring relevance, purpose, and depth to their learning. The classroom remains the fulcrum of our school’s purpose and mission. Engaged learning means learning that is active and constructive and keenly pegged to the skills our students will need to be successful in their pre-collegiate years and beyond. STEM-designed lessons have been a feature of several disciplines in all grade levels, not just in science. Computer coding is now a core facet of our curriculum. Our teachers are acquiring the knowledge and sensitivities to address the social-emotional aspects of our learners. Standardized testing analysis and data equip our learning support team, along with our teachers, to sequence our coursework and select the right emphasis to address each learner’s needs. We were fortunate this past year to press ahead with our overnight trips, culminating in our Gerda Vogel Marx 8th Grade Israel Experience. Israel remains central to our Levine Mission and is ever-present in the

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