2021-2022 Annual Report

CORE GRANT: $185,130 This grant was awarded to Levine Academy as a partner organization with the Federation to be used as unrestricted funds in the areas of greatest need. FEDERATION GRANTS 2021-2022 EARLY CHILDHOOD MINDFULNESS PROGRAM - $10,000/YEAR (2 YRS) This two-year grant focuses on our students’ social and emotional well-being. To fulfill this grant, we have partnered with D.O.T.S. For Kids, a company which provides a variety of individualized services for children. Together, we have implemented the Alert Program in our EC classrooms, through training and support from an occupational therapist who joined us on campus weekly. The Alert Program teaches children how to self-regulate for optimal learning and focus, and has shown great success this school year. We are excited to continue this work and expand the program into our lower school next year. INCLUSIVITY INITIATIVE - $19,300 This year, we partnered with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to bring experts to work with our educators on-campus. Topics included bias, diversity, and acceptance of others and provided insight into ways faculty and staff can begin to teach students about these important topics, as well as create dialogue through literature and classroom programming. This program will continue in the coming years through additional education and partnership with the ADL, social service programs, and joint activities with other Dallas-area independent schools. K-8 DYSLEXIA LEARNING SUPPORT PROGRAM - $12,000 Levine Academy supports the education of students diagnosed with dyslexia and other types of learning differences. Our learning support specialists and dyslexia interventionist provide targeted instruction to these students on a daily basis, with the help of this grant. Our program supported 70 students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade this year.


GRANT WRITING SUPPORT - $2,250 This grant allowed us to hire a top-notch, grant-writing firm to complete our U.S. Homeland Security Grant application. We hope to receive the allocation to upgrade the surveillance equipment throughout our campus.

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