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Oct/Nov 2018

Motion Matters The Newsletter That Helps You Return To A Life In Motion

From our family to yours, have a wonderful Fall season!

For The Love of Hands Feature Article Fall is finally here. My favorite season. The topic of this newsletter – hands. Also a favorite of mine. For those of you reading this issue, you are in for an extra special treat!

Written by Adrienne Riveros

this time. What a bummer in the beginning of the holiday season! This issue of Motion Matters will focus on enjoying the fun of the season and on ways to keepyourhandsandwristssafe! Continue readinghere forastory that will warm your heart and then mosey on over to the insert to learn some things about your hands that you may not know! There isevenaspecialchallenge there… The story for this issue takes placeoneyearago.AllofourLIM family knows our son, Greyson, and our nephew, Jaxon. This is the story of their adventure to Harvestmoon Farm.

How do you know it is Fall in Florida, you ask? Well, it is certainly not by the weather. It is still humid enough to choke a bug. Instead, you start to see the pumpkins come out, those cinnamon brooms catch your nose’s attention in the grocery store and the fall festivals start poppingupeverywhere!Youalso start seeing specific types of hand and wrist injuries during

(Continued Inside)

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