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As Fall is now in full swing, there are many opportunities to enjoy the cool weather, college football and, of course, all the yummy holiday food! Here are a few safety tips that will help you keep your hands and wrist safe! Don’t cut toward yourself. Always cut away from you. Don’t place your hand behind what you are cutting. Instead, place it opposite the side you are cutting towards. Keep all cutting utensils sharp. Sharp utensils require less force. • • Turkey-carving safety tips •

Keep your cutting area and knife handle dry. This decreases your chance of slipping and cutting yourself.

Tailgating and grilling safety • Keep children away from grills, fryers and hot ovens. Keep pets at a safe distance from grills, fryers and hot ovens. Clean your grill regularly. Grease build up can cause fire flare-ups. Happy Holidays from all of use here at Life In Motion! Thank you for being a part of our extended family! • •

Preventing Falls •

Keep floors dry to avoid slip-and-falls. Wipe up all liquid or grease spills immediately. Keep frequently used items within reach to avoid using a step stool. Limit the use of extension cords and rugs.

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