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Veolia UK

Tomorrow’s world is being invented today. As the global leader in environmental services, we work to support cities and companies in their shift towards an economy that is less wasteful of resources, has a lower carbon footprint, and a positive impact on society. Just as new forms of pollution require new treatment methods, new scarcities require new resources. “Repairing” today’s world and preparing tomorrow’s, or “resourcing” it, is what we strive to do day in, day out. It is also our way of contributing to the common good. We design and provide water, waste and energy management solutions that help our customers adopt new closed-loop solutions that now serve over half the UK population. Backed by a four-year, £750 million investment we focus on delivering innovation and the best environmental stewardship for our UK customers. By harnessing the emerging technologies to build the circular economy we have helped our customers achieve dramatic results from lowering their carbon footprint, to securing their sources of materials and reducing their costs. The results have not only been reected in their CR reports but have made a real impact in their bottom line. Virtuous circles To support modern life, industry, commerce and communities depend on materials and energy to prosper. From independent research we know the economically strategic manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical, and food and beverage sectors generate waste of around 13 million tonnes, which if properly reused, recycled or re-manufactured could generate £4 billion of value. To unlock this value we use closed-loop solutions to deliver secure supply chains and eectively recycle up to 98% of customer waste

Through innovation we deliver environmental stewardship for customers.

Veolia is pioneering digital solutions to increase sustainability.

Veolia recycled over one million tonnes of materials last year.

from wastewater treatment and generating the equivalent renewable electricity for 73,000 homes we are helping the water industry become energy self-sucient. For the future Veolia is now at the forefront of a resources revolution that delivers real commercial and environmental benets for our customers and the communities we serve. By supporting sustainability the Queens Award is providing further incentive for us all to build a bright future based on the circular economy. And the spin-o is that the transition makes complete business sense, potentially generating 175,000 new jobs and preserving our planet for generations to come.

– this diverts it from landll and gives materials a second, third or even fourth life. Over 25% of our business is already circular from capturing valuable materials from scrap TVs for new electronics, to turning waste plastic into new milk bottles and transforming glass bottles into material for home insulation. With a core strategy of sustainability, we recycled over one million tonnes of materials last year. The pace of development continues. To help the oshore industries in the North Sea we have even developed specialist port facilities to decommission obsolete oil and gas platforms, recycling over 98% of the 80,000 tonnes of materials received. Water for life Water is vital to all life and human activity. To preserve water resources we are using the latest data-driven technologies to reduce water leakages from an industry average of 22% to below 4%, and we help industry to recycle around 300 million litres of water for reuse. By harnessing biogas

VEOLIA UK P210 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JY.

Tel: +44 (0) 207 812 5000 • Z @VeoliaUk " VeoliaESUK F Veolia UK

Low carbon energy to industry, healthcare, universities, leisure and communities.

www. queensawardsmagazine .com


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