Community Partnership Guidelines-Instructions


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OBJECTIVE Travel Medford serves as the Destination Marketing Organization for the greater Medford area. In this role, Travel Medford has established a fund to promote existing events and help to recruit and assist in attracting new events. Travel Medford will use these funds to encourage and support special events which promote increased hotel/motel occupancy, add an economic activity, and market Medford as a visitor destination. ELIGIBILITY Any company, group, or organization that meets the objectives is eligible to apply for assistance, sponsorship, or other support from Travel Medford. CRITERIA The applicant will provide the following: 1. A brief overview of the event marketing plan (How are you marketing the event? What is the scope of your target audience? etc.) 2. A complete list of sponsorship packages. 3. A list of event sponsorships secured and the amount. AGREEMENT Approved projects must provide a concise final report to Travel Medford no later than 30 days after the event. The report must include the following information: • Attendance figures: o Number of out-of-town attendees o Number of local attendees • Number of room nights generated in Medford. SCORING Each application will be scored using identical criteria and can earn a maximum of 100 points . The point distribution is as follows: Criteria Total Available Points Number of attendees 20 Number of room nights generated in Medford 25 Timing of the event 25 Location of event 20 New or existing event 10

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APPLICATION PROCESS 1. Application is open all year round. This is a competitive process and applying does not guarantee funds will be awarded. 2. Travel Medford requires all funding requests to be received within a minimum of 30 days prior to project implementation. 3. Travel Medford staff and select members of the Travel Medford Tourism Council will review the criteria and clarify as needed with applicants. All applications will be evaluated using a standard scoring sheet. 4. Notification of Travel Medford’s action will be made in writing to the applicant.

SUBMISSION Completed application and all supporting documents may be submitted electronically (click HERE to access the application) or mailed to the address below:

Travel Medford

c/o Maclayne De Mello 101 East 8 th Street Medford, Oregon 97501

If you have any questions, please contact Maclayne De Mello, at (541) 601-8062 or

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