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Showing Up for Every Event Around this time of year in Wyoming, many of us are pining for winter to be over already. How We Cheered Our Kids on Each Step of the Way

Jeanelle and I have felt it, so when I talk to patients who are wishing for warmer weather, I understand the feeling. When winter seems endless in the Star Valley and it’s snowy and cold out, I have to remind myself not to wish it away. Sure, we have cold winters and get plenty of snow, but there are no tsunamis or hurricanes in Wyoming, and tornadoes are rare. Shoveling snow seems like a blessing compared to those weather events, doesn’t it? Winter may limit some of the activities we can do, but there are still plenty of ways to enjoy life. When our children were in school, attending their many activities kept us occupied through the winter (and, truly, all year long). Some nights it was a band or orchestra performance, and other nights it was a school play or basketball game. For Jeanelle and me, supporting and rooting on our five kids was an enjoyable way to spend an evening. We found ourselves running all over the U.S. for their activities. It seems like we saw most of Idaho and Utah, and once, we traveled to California when one of our sons qualified for a regional track meet.

we want them to know we support them in their endeavors and are there for them through each new adventure. Now that our children are all grown up, we find ourselves fortunate enough to get to cheer on their children. Life is one big circle. Just when you think you’re done with one phase, you get to do it again with the next generation. I’m very grateful that we’re still close to our kids. Even when they live far away, we stay in touch through text and video. So despite it being cold out, I’ll happily spend my winter cheering on our grandkids as they take their first steps and enter each new phase of life.

We wore out two Suburbans and used thousands of gallons of gas along the way. One of the joys of these trips was getting to meet and talk to other parents. Jeanelle and I enjoyed some great conversations and friendships over the years. We also did some sightseeing on each trip we took, giving us the chance to visit new places and make great memories. As parents, being there for every game or concert was a way to build relationships with our kids. Sure, we had to put some things on hold when we dashed out to a game or concert, and we often left the house in less- than-ideal order — we didn’t always get the trash out or the floors swept. But those things weren’t as important as it was to cheer on our daughter and sons. Throughout their lives,

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