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Some much-loved ice fishing spots around our state include Keyhole Reservoir, where some of the largest fish in the state have been caught, and Sulfur Creek Reservoir. Both spots typically offer up prime trout ice fishing opportunities. Louis Lake has kokanee and splake, according to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and at Glendo Reservoir, you might snag a catfish. If you decide to give ice fishing a try, never go out alone, don’t drive onto the ice, wear plenty of warm clothes and layers, and stay close to your rods while they’re in the water. With a little preparation, ice fishing can be a fun activity to enjoy while it’s cold out.

While many might argue that summer and fall are the best seasons for throwing in a line, some adventurous and hardy anglers know that the crowds are thinnest and the bites are best when there’s still ice on the ground. In other words, it’s ice fishing season. For members of the ice fishing community, the winter brings prime opportunity to catch fish that are more active in the colder season. Starting in early December, folks can bundle up in layers, bring hot thermoses of coffee and tea, and head out with their fishing gear to find a good spot. Often, anglers must ski or snowmobile in before setting up and drilling a hole in the ice, and it usually thickens and becomes safer as the season goes on. Depending on the weather, you can typically go ice fishing through March in Wyoming.

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